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Climate CoLab Advisors

Who are Climate CoLab Advisors?

Invited by the Climate CoLab staff or contest partners, Advisors are experts, business executives, policy makers, non-profit leaders, and others who are well known for their deep knowledge about a key aspect of climate change, have very strong connections in the field, and are keen to welcome new thinking from a global community to find solutions in a specific climate change challenge.

What do Advisors do?

Advisors contribute their deep knowledge of the subject to help shape activity on a Climate CoLab contest, which address a focused topic within the broad overall realm of what to do about climate change.  They work with Climate CoLab staff and Fellows, who coordinate contest activity and logistics. Advisors can contribute in several ways, including: A) Advising as to what key information and resources should be included in the contest materials to guide contest participants; B) Elevating the Climate CoLab contest in their professional networks and playing a role in the Climate CoLab conference; and C) Serving as a Judges, or nominating issue-expert peers who may do so.

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