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Climate CoLab Advisors

Who are Climate CoLab Advisors?

Invited by the Climate CoLab staff or contest partners, Advisors are experts, business executives, policy makers, non-profit leaders, and others who:

In many cases, Advisors are representatives of or very knowledgeable about key stakeholders who would need to be involved in implementing proposals that emerge from the Climate CoLab process.


What do Advisors do?

Advisors contribute their deep knowledge of the subject to help shape and guide activity on a Climate CoLab contest, which address a focused topic within the broad overall realm of what to do about climate change (for example, building efficiency or carbon policy).  They work with Climate CoLab staff and at least one Fellow, who coordinates contest activity and logistics. Multiple advisors may assist with a single contest.

Advisors contribute in five ways:


What is the time commitment for Advisors?

The time commitment expected for Advisors is about 3-6 hours (plus 4-8 hours for judging) per contest and can all be done virtually.  This time includes:

Advisors are encouraged to spend as much additional time as they wish monitoring and participating in Climate CoLab activities, but this is not required.


What are the benefits for Advisors?

Members of the Climate CoLab community come from many different educational and other backgrounds, but all have a deep interest in what to do about climate change. As a result, the Climate CoLab is a place where real exploration and novel thinking occur.

By participating, Climate CoLab Advisors can gauge the pulse of public opinion on issues in their areas of expertise and may even be able use the CoLab's online community to undertake work on pressing topics in their field.

In the past, the community has proven itself to be a source of novel and creative ideas for addressing climate change. By offering their guidance, Advisors enjoy a unique opportunity to help steer a large, diverse online community of climate thinkers on issues of importance and relevance.