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Erik Duhaime

Jan 8, 2013


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Hi Megan, Could you elaborate on some ideas of how exactly we might try to accomplish the actions you propose: -develop an educational base to inform people of what is out there for energy efficiency and what their options are -reduce the prices for energy efficient materials and product in order to bring them into the lives of more people -create a more vast knowledge of these products and materials for contractors who will build the new buildings -construct a new normal for the percentage of energy efficiency that should be found in the majority of buildings in different areas of the world I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts! Best, Erik

Sara Magalhaes

Jan 20, 2013


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Hi Megan, Thanks for your proposal! Can you also please be more explicit regarding the main key players involved in the actions that you mentioned? Thank you so much Best regards Sara

Sean Penrith

Feb 4, 2013


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I like the approach Megan. I am keen to see how you envisage an execution plan to deliver your end results? Thanks Sean

2013buildingefficiencyjudges 2013buildingefficiencyjudges

Jul 9, 2013


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Dear mblum1, Thank you for your submission. Your proposal has many interesting components, but we have not selected it as a finalist because many of the ideas in it have been practised elsewhere. The actions, as you point out, need to be taken by society as a whole, and in a future proposal we would like to see more details on how (and why) specific actors will take actions you propose such as reducing the prices of energy efficieny products.