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Dante Rumore

Jun 29, 2013


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I believe that the most effective way to move forward in addressing a challenge as monumental, necessary and complicated as climate change will be through collaboration. Even though this growing concern effects us all, many individuals, organizations and communities have differing interests and points of view. Without consensus and collaboration it is hard to see any effort eliciting the changes necessary. I fully support this proposal!

2013enablingadaptationjudges 2013enablingadaptationjudges

Jul 3, 2013


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Thanks for your submission! We appreciate the tangible scope of your proposal, which is clearly built on significant previous work. We would like to see all proposal authors anticipate some potential limitations of their approach or other challenges to implementation, then discuss potential strategies for meeting those challenges. Please let us know if you have any questions.

William Penn

Aug 8, 2013


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Coastal Communities in the Northeast are already feeling the effects of climate change on their costal features and tidal wetlands. Hurricane Sandy was a wakeup call for these communities. Sandy’s storm surge in my community, Block Island, washed out coastal roads and washed away twenty two feet of our protective coastal dunes. The public policy question for me is should coastal communities continue to spend scarce resources to restore coastal damages caused by climate change or should they accept the future shore line changes and adopt policies to mitigate climate change such as renewable energy, energy conservation and innovative land use planning?