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Andrew Lockley

Dec 2, 2012


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Whilst the use of satellite imaging is doubtless of use to the study and subsequent management of methane, the proposal in its current form is extremely broad. Indeed, no specific reference to methane is given. Therefore it remains unclear what datasets are believed necessary. Does the proposal relate to monitoring of correlates of methane emissions, such as the formation of karst lakes, or is the intention to directly measure methane in the atmosphere? What spatial resolution is proposed? Is the proposed monitoring active, such as radar imaging, or passive?

2013geoengineeringjudges 2013geoengineeringjudges

Jul 6, 2013


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Thank you for sharing your ideas and for the work invested to create this proposal. We have considered this proposal carefully, but as was discussed in correspondence, what is being proposed has to come to terms with very hard technical challenges, and a successful proposal will have to indicate how it solves these challenges. Without these specifics, it is difficult to evaluate the proposal's potential or merit.