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2013transportationjudges 2013transportationjudges

Jul 19, 2013


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Thank you for your Climate CoLab contest entry. We appreciate your willingness to share your ideas and also the time and effort you put into developing a proposal and submitting it to the CoLab site. The Judges strongly considered your proposal and found that it contained intriguing elements. But unfortunately, it has not advanced to the finalist round. We’ve posted feedback that we hope will be useful in the comment section of your proposal. We encourage you to stay involved in the Climate CoLab community. You can support and comment on proposals that have been named finalists and even volunteer to join one those teams if you have relevant expertise. We also encourage you to submit another proposal in the next round of contests, which will start in November 2013. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the CoLab staff at Keep up the great work. We hope that the Climate CoLab community, working together, can create solutions that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. The Judges provided the following comments for your consideration: - This effectively just a solar enabled Extended range EV idea; not clear what the value added is or why elevated roadways are required; need more detail. - The proposal did not stick to the format provided. - The proposal suggests building additional large scale infrastructure that is probably not feasible - and possibly not required. - The key is electric vehicles; thinking along the line of electricity infrastructure will be more useful.