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Cartential is a cooling system additive that reduces fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions in petrol and diesel combustion engines


Guidance on collaborative pilot

This is a pilot test of a new, collaborative approach for getting work done in the Climate CoLab. It will run during March and April of 2012.

Just like in the 2011 activities, anyone can create a proposal. But there is also a community proposal, where members are encouraged to work together in a collaborative way. Any member can contribute to the community proposal as long as they are logged in.

The community proposal is like a wiki, so the history of edits is tracked, and you can revert to prior versions of the proposal if desired.

Please also use the Comments to express your opinion on whether or not you would like to see this collaborative approach used in the Climate CoLab in 2012.

Feel free to organize the proposal as you see fit. One thought—it's good to have a brief summary of the overall proposal at the top, as an aid to readers.

Proposal Text


"Cartential ®" is a revolutionary cooling system additive that drastically reduces fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions in conventional petrol and diesel combustion
engines. The unique, toxin‐free "Cartential®" formula comprises only natural ingredients ... minerals and herbal extracts including tourmaline, germanium, bamboo vinegar, calcium, glycol and zeolite. Added to the cooling system of a running combustion engine "Cartential®" generates a highly effective low‐temperature plasma. The plasma field's ionizing effect breaks down the fuel’s molecular chains into smaller
components. The effect on engine efficiency are amazing. Fuel burns cleaner, more efficiently
and more effectively.
We call it ... THE "Cartential®" EFFECT!
Well documented research confirms that the IONIZING EFFECT of the low‐temperature
Plasma generated by Cartential in your vehicle's cooling system REDUCES:
EMMISIONS by up to 80%
FUEL CONSUMPTION by 15% in town traffic, up to 40% on the open road
THE "Cartential®" EFFECT increases POWER and improves your


Category of the action

Reducing emissions from transportation

What actions do you propose?

Simply! For every air quality conscious Nation and/or Municipality agree to use Cartential in all or a designated portion of their fleet vehicles for a 90 day trial. During this usage time, the maintenance crew(s) will monitor exhaust emission and fuel consumption.

Who will take these actions?

At the end of the 90 day trial period, should Cartential reduce overall exhaust emissions by 25% and reduce fuel consumption by 5.5%; Cartential will be immediately put before the governing agencies for regulatory and financial considerations.

Where will these actions be taken?

The usage of Cartential will take place in every Country where there is a concern about the growing poor air quality worldwide.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Total exhaust emissions will be reduced 25% or greater. These reductions will include Particulate Matter, Nox, o2 and other harmful gases.

What are other key benefits?

Each of the component parts of "Cartential®" add special value ... for example:
• The pyroelectric properties of Tourmaline crystals produce a temperature‐influenced
• Germanium improves cooling performance by preventing oxygen shortages. In "Cartential®"
terms we are talking about ... a “LIQUID SEMI‐CONDUCTOR".
• Bamboo vinegar emits FIR radiation, an electromagnetic radiation beyond the visible spectrum,
reducing NOx emissions.
The ingredients in "Cartential®" , under the combined influence of engine temperature and generated
electromagnetic radiation produce a LOW TEMPRATURE PLASMA FIELD.
The FREE IONS in the plasma break the chains of molecules in the fuel, improving the combustion
process and reducing toxic nitrogen oxides NOx.
Incomplete combustion of oil and gasoline produces highly toxic carbon monoxide (CO).
"Cartential®" optimizes combustion and reduces the production of climate damaging CO, converting it. Carbon tax credit!

What are the proposal’s costs?

For the purpose of testing Cartential the cost per bottle to test 5 Class VIII and VI Tractors is 175EU or $231 US; the cost to test individual light duty vihicles or personal vehicles is 36 Eu and $46.2 US.

There is no limit on the number of vihicles which the government agency can use during the 90 day test cycle.

Time line

Cartential is a completed product and is ready to be used immediately by contacting the company.

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Korean Testing Laboratory (KTL); SGS (Korea); Korean TÜV. No additional by-products are produced through combustion since cartential®is not directly involved in the combustion process. Possible damages to the exhaust system, catalytic converter or diesel particulate filters are excluded. Notwithstanding, the Samsung product liability insurance, which is included in the final retail price, provides coverage up to €130,000.00 in the unlikely event that damage should be proved to occur despite proper use of cartential®.