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History clearly proves that forced migration without food, water, and shelter creates uncontrollable chaos and desperation.




The World Meteorological (WMO) has reported that drought kills

and displaces more people than cyclones, floods, and earthquakes

combined . . making it the world's most destructive natural hazard.


In March 2007, when I was doing research on this Siphonics

Natural Engineering (SNE) project . . CO2 was 384 parts per million

. . innovation and solution was the cliche' and global warming

deniers were everywhere.


7 years have past - CO2 is 400 parts per million and moving upward

. . the words; adaptation and migration have replaced innovation

and solution . . and detractors and solution delayers are



The global masses are becoming more and more concerned that

misplaced priorities of today may be a recipe for the disasters of



I recently read an article about John Bradfield, a credible man in

Australia, who in 1938 could find no one to listen when he called

for flooding the dry lake, Lake Eyre, so that evaporation would

create clouds and rain for inland Australia.


68 years later in 2006, John Vidal of The Guardian reported,

"Australia suffers worst drought in 1,000 years."


It's now 2014, and desertification is on the move in places never

 seen before or anticipated.


Research shows that waterborne diseases killed over 6,000

people today on our planet and most of them were children. What

could be worse than watching your children die en-route to a drink

of water?


The sad simple truth is . . if planetary leaders fail to think and act

big enough to return atmospheric moisture back to the

driest  places on the planet . . WE ARE GOING TO BURN UP . .



The United Nations just issued a report that stresses water

supplies, aggravated by climate change, are likely to cause more

conflicts, and that water should be considered as vital to national

security as defense.


                    PLANET EARTH NEEDS SERIOUS MEDICINE!                                     

Category of the action

Mitigation/Adaptation, Changing public attitudes about climate change

What actions do you propose?


                                      . . . A True Story . . .


Fourteen years ago at the age of 57, I told everyone who

would listen . . I believed we could have a better world by

exchanging the excesses of today for the essentials of tomorrow.


With our daughter and son being adults and no longer at home,

my wife (a retired teacher) and I personally built a cabin off-the-

grid in the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma.


We wanted to experience the challenges associated with

what Henry David Thoreau advocated when he stated,

"Simplify, Simplify, Simplify."


When it was over 100 degrees F in the shade, there was  

no electricity to power the AC.  We used propane to cool our

food, cook, and heat.  


When our well was dry, we hauled water. 


We used a solar panel to charge our phone and 

computer batteries.


But there is a peace and solitude, you feel when you have

natural setting of howling coyotes about 30 feet from

your screened-in porch at night. 


Although extremely labor intensive . . this 10 year journey

helped us overview, evaluate, and reprioritize our  lives to

hopefully make a difference. 


All we had to do was purposely exchange those things we

had always taken for granted and retain the essentials.


This ten year project also helped us realize that if Planet Earth

was thrust into a situation where the essentials of food, water,

and shelter were no longer available . . the chaos of mass

migration in a lawless world could become a planetary nightmare of

life and death.


In fact, this 10 year journey outside our comfort zone helped me

to evaluate three realities . . .


(1) With ample food, water, and shelter . . there is NORMALCY!


(2) With limited food, water, and shelter . . there is ADAPTATION!


(3) Without food, water, and shelter . . there is MIGRATION

and CHAOS!



Seven years ago as a researcher and inventor . . I begin

to seriously explore Siphonics Natural Engineering (SNE) as

the nucleus of an overlapping adaptation strategy designed to

help Planet Earth maintain the bare essentials of food, water,

and shelter.


                    . . . These are the results of my findings . . .



Deserts, which consumes approximately (one/third) of the Earth's

surface - without water, are bastions for suffering and are basically



It been estimated that one CSP / Seawater Greenhouse (78 square

miles) located on the desert will evaporate approximately one million tons

of seawater per day.


The desert around Tucson, Arizona (USA) receives (12) inches of rain

per year.  However, this desert has the capacity to evaporate (100+)

inches of water per year.  Eight times more than received.


                                " THERMAL / EXCHANGE"

(ONE PERCENT) of the land mass and Thermal/Exchange potential

of the hot deserts of our world , in combination with seawater,




The "KEY" is to remove, replace, or usurp any strategic barrier

which separates UN-EQUAL Water / Land levels so that nature can

repair and heal itself. 


When we remove any barrier that blocks the ocean's ability to F-L-

O-W into / onto the desert land below sea level, we have the

opportunity to create the hydration to provide the essentials for

the masses.


This process can turn barren uninhabited land into crops of saltwater

plants of cord grass, pickle weed, salt grass, and others which have

evolved mechanisms that will allow them to survive in saline conditions

to sustain a large variety of animals.


After years of desert irrigation from the ocean . . . pools of shallow

saltwater ponds will be able ro grow Sargassium muticum for sources of

local food and energy.


Deeper pools may be able to sustain the Mediterrean sea fish, Tilapia, as

they can survive saltwater to 44 parts per thousand.


At night, the evaporation condenses and falls back to Earth where

catchments, like fog fences and air wells, collect the atmospheric

humidity for human, plant, and animal consumption.


Highly saturated clouds of short duration will cause rain-out every (10)

days and especially ice and snow on mountain ranges. This run-off will

provide hydration for the innocent masses located between latitudes 35

degrees north and 35 degrees south.


                                   . . . (SNE) IS SAFE . . .

When we remove, replace, or usurp any barrier that blocks the

oceans' ability to F-L-O-W into / onto the desert land below sea

level, the #1 objective of this solution hinges on the engineering

option to SAFELY slow or stop the process anytime we need to

tweak or make an adjustment.


The power-ends extend inland below sea level and contain manual

or automated, canal gates for safe , open, shut, and adjustment

situations contingent on coordinated climate data retrieved by

world-wide consultants.


Water flow management and adjustments will be made under the

direct focus of the environmental impact director and staff, who

are in charge of coordinating climate impact data retrieved by

world-wide consultants and host country universities of each




Who will take these actions?

Governments, institutions, collations, consortiums, Nonprofit

Organizations (NPOs), Non-government Organizations (NGOs) and

individuals concerned about the welfare of everyone on Planet


Where will these actions be taken?

A Global application would consist of (nine) deserts and (eleven) teams.


(Nine) deserts will have (one) team, the Sahara Desert would have (two)



The (nine) deserts are Arabian, Australian, Chihuahuan, Kalahari,

Mojave, Monte, Sonoran, Thar, and Sahara.


Please note; The above deserts and applications are flexible and subject

to change upon more discovery.


Will these deserts fill up with too much water?

Most deserts sometimes have sand &/or gravel, etc. one hundred feet

before reaching a bottom to substantiate water flow.


To shut off water flow from the sea . . (SNE) has the engineering option

to safely, open, shut, and make adjustments of the conduit gates

contingent on coordinated climate data retrieved by world-wide




What are other key benefits?

                   . . . THE "KEY" TO NO CARBON ENERGY . . .

We also have the option to use conduits to F-L-O-W seawater

into / onto the desert lands below sea level where each conduit

becomes a penstock that powers Hydro-Electric Turbines to

provide NO CARBON ENERGY to the masses.





The National Climate Assessment report believes our planet may

have a 16+ inch rise in sea level in the next 50 years.


Many top engineers and climate experts agree the Sahara Desert

alone contains the holding capacity to absorb (one) meter + of sea



As the oceans continue to rise due to ice melt and thermal 

expansion, many also agree that no later than 2070, over 150

million residents will be exposed to coastal flooding with lost

revenue exceeding $ 35 Trillion (USD).


What are the proposal’s costs?

The objective, if possible, is to lease all equipment and contract

personnel. Specialized machines will re-arrange land mass

formations until elevations and water volumes meet required



As an example ; we could use the easier to handle "72" inch

diameter polyethylene pipes at a approximate cost of $320 per

lineal foot or the huge diameter polyethylene conduits

manufactured by weholite in the UK.


A "72" inch pipe diameter (penstock) will flow approximately (500)

thousand tons of water per day.


These "72" inch pipes, connected together, will extend far enough

into the ocean where one end will always be submerged in low



The other end will extend below sea level and contain "72" inch

manually operated canal gates for open, shut, and adjustment



They will be screened, buttressed, and secured with concrete and



Each of the (11) locations will contain (100) penstock applications.


When fully operational, each (100) penstock location will have a

flow capability of (50) million tons of water per day.


The Sahara project will contain (2) locations of (100) penstock

applications per operation. This (200) penstock flow capacity upon

the Sahara will be approximately (100) million tons of water per day.


The total flow capacity of (1100) penstocks on (10) desert locations

on Planet Earth, has the Thermal / Exchange potential of (550)

million tons of sea-water to atmospheric moisture per day.


These (1100) -  " 72" inch taps would have to run approximately

(460) days at full capacity to reach the (252) billion tons required to

equal (ONE PERCENT) of the land mass and Thermal / Exchange

potential of the hot deserts of our world.



I believe with planetary cooperation, (11) basic infrastructure

operations could be installed. This would be (1100) - "72" penstock

applications installed on the (9) hottest deserts of the planet for $

2 . 65 Billion (USD).


Time line


The time line is contingent on how many world leaders will set aside the

frivolity that drives us apart . . and act before the International impact of

drought - food - and water supplies directly impact those within their



Planetary leaders, who fail to appropriately address this delicate variable

time frame, may sadly witness a massive die-out of those within their



I, sincerely, believe this Seawater / Desert / Evaporation to Rain-out

Proposal contains the potential to;

 . . . HELP . . .

(a) Neutralize sea expansion and coastal flooding.


(b) Provide no carbon energy.


(c) Provide food and water for the masses.


(d) Recycle over and over to sand filter our polluted oceans.


(e) Replenish and provide the albedo we need to cool and heal our planet


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Additional information concerning polyethylene conduits may be found at . . .

Uponor - North Amerca

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If our planetary leaders continue thinking "inside-the-box",

declining to be connected, and choosing the indecision of

business as usual, Planet Earth will inevitably succumb to our

vices and superficial reasoning.


We must seek the greater good as caretakers of Planet Earth.