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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This is not a governance proposal. It is a technology proposal, and a familiar one (particles in the upper atmosphere). The only novelty is the idea that they should be made of nickel and thus "controllable" by magnetic manipulation. No evidence is provided that this is possible. More pertinently, no attempt is made to draw out the governance and political implications of having a technology which allows its owner to manipulate the world's climate with a degree of precision. Who could be entrusted with this level of control? How would we avoid its militarisation? How could conflicts and disagreements be managed? The few references to governance issues are unconvincing/impractical (e.g. a % of world population vote).

Not on topic. this contest seeks ideas re how to govern and control climate engineering research. the proposal advocates a specific technical form of climate engineering.

Anita and Ben:
We really appreciate all the time you put in and your willingness to rethink your plan based on our conversations, but ultimately your proposal was still all about for geoengineering strategy and not the governance.

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