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Teryl Fadgen

May 7, 2014


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chemtrails? who? why? information?

Rosemary Jones

Jun 24, 2014


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Does the Climate Colab want an overall solution to climate problems or not ? If the Colab wants an overall solution, that is a comprehensive strategy, then surely that is what it should be asking for. Instead, there are various around the edges requests, which do not actually lend themselves to solving the climate problems. Please ask us to put forward, and without any provisos, a strategy to prevent runaway warming. Please don't ask us to consult with each other or not consult with each other. There is a potentially successful strategy out there. And please hurry up. Thank you.

Michael Hayes

Aug 6, 2014


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Observing "Exoplanet Geoengineering"????? I do appreciate the humor yet fail to see the 'real world' applicability to the issue of geoengineering governance....of this planet. I believe the selection of that particular concept is a clear indication of just how far we need to go before we, as a species and as concerned individuals, can achieve reasonable and rational control of our effort to solve the global warming issue....on this planet. One final thought, 1)If such a hypothetical exoplanetary species were successful at geoengineering their planet against fossil fuel use, how would we know??? 2) What would be the detectable difference between a 'successfully geoengineered' world and one that is 'Natural' or 'Un-successfully geoengineered'??? On the issue of geoengineering governance....of this planet, this other worldly proposal should be an embarrassment. However, we should not rule out the possibility that exo-species may have a marked difference in opinion. Thanks for the chuckle! Best regards, Michael

Julius Gordon

Sep 3, 2014


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Well, here it is time for finalist selection, and rosjones couldn't have been more on target. I see that the only comprehensive proposal that I noticed among ALL the submissions, the one called "Using Natural Systems Principles to Transition toward a Sustainable Future", by dewoldt, has been dropped, despite the fact that it received MORE votes than ANY OTHER submission. So clearly Climate Colab is not interested in solving the problem, rather in prolonging the earth's agony by pasting dollar-store bandaids on a huge, gaping wound. This is disappointing to say the least. It appears that MIT's Collective Intelligence is not collective after all. Good luck all, Julius from Tucson, AZ - AKA Soon To Be Water-Free

Jean-pierre Sancho

Sep 4, 2014


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lol geo-engineering aka "point of no return". lets hope we don t have to go there.... but if there is budget and enough crazy people. Would not be a bad idea to start thinking of a way to "stop" asteroid from hitting us or at least minimize damage :(