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Change once 4all drive global economic monetary value on Trees Leaves to return natural state, Value of Mother Earth and her preservation.



Neglecting our autopilot and begin to understand our existence as a whole, our connection to the divine energy of life and nature as a provider and source of basic human needs; which covers us, gives us life and nurtured.

Establish a Radical Change, Open, Revolutionary, No Formal from the cultural and social life that we are all part.

We're used to looking at all our reality from a plane unidimesnional without expanding our consciousness to higher levels.

If we really want Change Globally we don't work for little parts. It's about having the Courage to take the initiative, put Reason and Heart to the benefit of all and even more climate change will affect us very badly in the immediate future.

The world is going through a very tough test life. Are we ready for the multidimensional evolution? Or are we going to be left behind? Manage our change is irreversible.

Money today is artificial, we must return to Origin to Natural Leaves Money correcting us the way, humanizes us and makes us evolve

Category of the Action

Integrated action plan for the world as a whole

What actions do you propose?

During the development of human society the most prevalent symptom is the supremacy and power over the other on their territories, persons and possessions. We have never related in terms of equality. 

When not working our origin, our connection to the Source, to the light, to God and our divine origin continue on based frequency with little spiritual connection. 

And during the development of human beings have been implemented several variants of how to meet their basic needs and also for getting power.

It's our omnipotence have to believe that everything we know and don't give us as Children to simple and fresh answers.

The Power of Money on us and on the other is crucial to analyze the unequal distribution of wealth and the great sorrows that afflict today almost all of humanity: Poverty, Inequality, Eating Disorders, difficult access to a Good quality of life, Food, Health, House's living, adequate Sanitation, Clothing, Education, Recreation, etc..

The first way to achieve the exchange of goods and services was barter, exchanging one commodity for another depending as useful value was given to each.  When we get the money changes are made ​​much easier. And with the emergence of the coin made ​​of metals or alloys payment is allowed outside their place of origin.

We have already been through the creation of nation-states, wars, independence, industrial, technological, social and cultural revolutions of classes. And where do we go?

The statistics, analysis, facts and events teach us and make the problems are the result of making our lives as we have. We strive to show through external events what's happening to us: We are not in harmony with our real needs, our life, our planet and our universe. We have come to affect the ozone layer that protects us from the Sun.

It's our omnipotence have to believe that everything we know and don't give us as children to simple and fresh answers.

We complicate life by adding things, is that deep down we know what we want but we don't think that can be possible if it's so easy. 

Keep reinventing artificial solutions instead of deep lasting changes.

Money Tree Leaves guarantees the stability of the Earth and overcoming adversity to a NEW ERA OF CHANGE OF CONSCIENCE AND ASCENSION.

Some disasters produced in recent decades reveal the lack of care and foresight: 

  • Leaking nuclear power Chernobyl 
  • Contamination of soil, rivers and seas by oil spills, waste dumps and chemical
  •  Environmental pollution by CO2 and aerosols
  • Desertification soil by intensive crops without rotation 
  • Fraking
  • Deforestation in the Amazon, forests and jungles 
  • Disappearance of wildlife Based food and chemical preservatives 
  • Destruction by war Melting ice by global warming and weakness in the ozone layer 
  • Severe climate change 

The consequences of the economic and industrial development are so severe that in a constant cycle of action and reaction lead us to think the only possible solution: Working in the care and use of recreation and nature the same time it has invested in destroying it without taking responsibility. 

And being worried about money we can not do well. Not to mention the political and social consequences the same meaning as above. Tree leaves as money depending Conscious Change is the resource for Building Peace. Environmental, Social and Economic Peace.

"Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings."  -                                                                                                Nelson Mandela 

Equating the currency to an item of equal and easy access for all individuals develop life at a level of light, peace, harmony and warmth that life is projected according to each occupation and want to live it and ABUNDANCE PARAMETERS not scarcity. 



Basic premises apply always be based on the grounds of form and substance: 

1) Making economic decisions should be based on a shift in Consciousness and Ascension to rethink the unequal distribution of wealth as a bad use of money, that is currently used as a form of oppression, power and scarcity and not propose comprehensive terms of ABUNDANCE & WELFARE.  

2) The implementation must occur in one or more regions to assign high value to the new currency.  

NO is an individual matter, sovereignty, It's a COLLECTIVE, GRUPAL matter advocated and promoted by growing economic crisis all kinds, production, resource allocation and exchange activity.

3) Mother Nature as a resource provided by God, giver of Love,Peace, Light,Guidance and Consolation is who should be the guide, so we can integrate leadership in harmony with Mother Earth and so understand the Plan of God and our need to elevate and tilt the solidification of a New and Better World centered Values ​​and Acts according to all that has been written & that modern society as ambivalence selfish skip has given the wrong base concept of man. 


Where will these actions be taken?

These actions will occur Worldwide through Planned Obsolescence.

Given the current reality and the decay that is nurturing the money exclusions generated by cyclical crisis of capitalism, human crisis, lack of education.- Based on a comprehensive theory , Money like product is an obsolete cycle breakthroughs that humanity is living.

Planned Obsolescence log propose Start a New Era with a NEW PRODUCT / NEW ELEMENT OF ECONOMIC VALUE OF TRANSACTION (in monetary, fiscal and financial): the money tree leaves are also start and Industries, new Visions and Values ​​linked to this pragmatic change and new look on life and the economy as a break with the previous order Empowering Humanity with Green Money in a Green Economy. 

From Work a Theory of Service 

The work is not required. Who currently develop their work with love, empathy, joy, passion, will continue to do for internal and not external motivation. 

All socially active people be called as part of the new system, Civic Duty and being sovereign inhabitant of each region and enjoy these benefits. 

The daily allocation of donated hours will be evaluated based on the age of the working age population and the expected production and economic development. Not to exceed 4 hrs. Daily. The above working hours will be developed in multiple shifts of at most 4 hours. May be 2 or 3hrs. In the 1º change stage and must comply Opening ALL if no business or production activity to be altruistic and beneficial to society and Mother Earth together purposes.  The hours donated in appreciation and civic task will have to play to the best of persons to RESIZE THE VALUE OF ATTITUDE & EFFORT. 

CONSUMER UNIT  The law of supply and demand will find in the Development of the Theory Point near perfect balance, there will be stability and predictability of course the holders of the means of production & facilities must commit to their work ever or assign their employees with a commitment to that continue to change all this huge profit.


Who will take these actions?

Key Actors:

Political and Emerging Leaders committed to the welfare of humanity and not the power with the ability to take political and economic decision. 

Civil Society + Activists + Social activists + Peacemakers + Philanthropic Organizations + Spiritual Leaders. Such massive support for change 4all. 

The work would no longer be an obligation to live But A CHOICE OF LIFE. 

* Entrepreneurs, happy, passionate, arts, those who love their career and work will continue engaging with daily performance for surely not only eat money but passion, dreams, goals, motors that drive them to develop in life. Superiors. 

* Those who are working today because they have to make money to buy things they could use their time in some kind of rewarding, social or environmental work, study and improve in all aspects. Be released from his mortal love more: money, ambition and power. Upward. 

* The last shall be first. Those who don't enjoy still work and welfare may experience large-scale abundance of blessings provided to us in every way Mother Nature and be freed from injustice, inequality, abuse that feeds the cycle of heartbreak. Absent today.

What are key benefits?


There would be no wars, in fact it would PROHIBITED 

There would be robbery, theft, fraud 

The offenses arising from embezzlement disappear since all work for SERVE THE OTHER, not to MAKE MONEY 

All we would be blessed in the same state of quality of life 

We'd growth and for our personal growth, emotional, sensitive, spiritual, artistic efforts, vocational or manual production 

We would have a qualitative and quantitative change in the hierarchy of human needs. 

Would improve significantly as people. 

Would devote our time to live more healthily, Study, research, fun, travel, share

We would be more open, more flexible, more careful, more brothers and best global village. 

What are the proposal’s costs?

The only obstacle that could occur is paying the foreign debt that could renegotiated exchanged in terms of cooperation or delayed term  balanced operation until the new global monetary system. The excess accumulation of money will be converted to the new monetary value and placed in special accounts as accumulated assets that may be used in the new system they do not affect the general welfare. 

Some companies will die, and many other reborn born. #RethinktheSystem

Time line

  1. A) Information about Application doesn't involve a transformation of political regimes, sovereignty or intrusion on private property. This CHANGE IS Unit, Integration, Universality & currency exchange has a regional history in "Euro" as happened in Europe. 


After a CHANGE OF COIN occurs. Assigned the value of equal exchange between countries & regions to live complete experience in terms of production, communication and human development like GLOBAL VILLAGE.

B) Once the value is assigned shall also determine the average income of all people to access the service and consumer welfare in general

Be taken as an indicator of the lifestyle that they had more money. Therefore all industries grow by buying cars, houses, food, etc.

In return for all MOTHER EARTH asks sustain this spiritual advancement with a engage of ecological evolution to improve and protect the development with care & alternative energy (wind, solar, hydro) and the prohibition and use of polluting substances all kinds.


How do these sub-proposals fit together?

Explanation of model inputs

Electronic Money, Mobile technology and Leaves of Trees Collection 

The simplest would be a regulation of leaf collection.

By season for example with a monthly limit as stated already assigned as determined by the monthly average income as the best indicator of lifestyle.  

Everyone would gather leaves for monthly or quarterly according to each climate.

The Leaves lead the Bank and an electronic card that would work as Credit Card will be entered the corresponding monthly amount. If the lost could denounce automatically.

 Banks continue to operate this function and accreditation for payment of services.  Also there would be a Regulation on Collection of leaves with fines or discounts for breaking them.  Harvesting should be done in public spaces in autumn for example, forbids any kind of logging for commercial purposes unless certain limited exceptions.

The hours donated in appreciation and civic task will have to play to the best of you, this means RESIZE THE VALUE OF ATTITUDE AND EFFORT: Joy, pawn, Empathy and raise our frequency to tune to the Divine Plan and the Beloved. 

Through the completion of the task in tune with Mother Earth and love in sisterhood are worked Cultural Values ​​and Expected Social: Labor Solidarity, Commitment, Time use and activity utility service and the common good: The Mother Earth humanity. 

Economists have experienced to handle the regime of the trade balance of each country on a level with the Ideal honest account management and reporting. 



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