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Although seems like a very long shot, we try and form an international community to try to get nations to "go green".



A global alliance of people from every nationality, and every walk of life, coming together to combat global warming. Yes, it seems long winded, but global warming is a very big issue. And we need a big solution. So, we form an international committee, one made of ordinary people, like us. We reach out to small communities, governments, any place we can think of, to help push for some environmental change. It will take time to get this up, a lot of capital, but most of all, determination. Even though it may seem like a long and tedious task, we can do it. And we must, as global warming is a rising, terrible issue (although this doesn't have to be limited to global warming). Governments are restricted by politics and agenda's. But we, the people, can bring about change, as shown through history countless of times. But the first step is to be united in the same cause, which is protecting the environment, our earth. Not just for us, but for future generations. But the thing that makes this different is that its a global initiative, not just a public one. I hope that this becomes true, and with it, we can bring about environmental change.

What actions do you propose?

Who will take these actions?

-Us, the people


-Backers (businessmen, actors, anyone with the interest and capital)

-The media (we will need to get coverage somehow)

-Sponsors from other organization, to gain credibility 

Where will these actions be taken?

All around the the world

What are other key benefits?

A worldwide organization that pushes for change, and can actually take huge strides, rather than get small stuff done. Make huge changes in the way we work, so we can protect our environment. Basically, making our environment one of the top priorities or the world.

What are the proposal’s costs?

A lot of money. Hard to project in every economical climate and in every country. But local chapters are a good start, but would take a lot of capital to back up. Negatives are that nobody is willing, and we can't get this started. But that's unlikely, as the environment is coming to the forefront of the world's attention.  

Time line

Again, hard to project on an international scale. But about 5-6 years for the establishment of local chapters in peoples community. Hard to project when it becomes truly international, as many factors and conditions are involved.

Related proposals

I haven't checked, but if there are, we can combine all of these ideas, in the pursuit of making an international organization pushing for change.