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Jim Wright

Jun 22, 2015


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I found your proposal very interesting because (a) the line of thought is very similar to my own and (b) it seems to be complementary to my own proposal "A Powerful tool for world-wide adaptation initiatives". Mine is principally an aggregation tool to collect data from multiple sources to assist in comparative, prioritisation and optimisation initiatives. Yours is a tool for the collection of data relating to a specific set of drivers, including (but I think not limited to) weather. As our database keys are essentially GPS co-ordinates, users of either of our systems can draw on the others to help create comprehensive pictures of what climate change processes are going on in very local areas and the effects they are having. If I had read about your proposal before closure of the contest, I would have been happy to include a cross-reference to it. Perhaps if we make it through to the semi-finals ...!