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An online platform that interconnects and empowers community efforts towards carbon neutrality while tracking and promoting the results.



Generize is a platform that empowers, tracks and promotes all types of carbon mitigation activities. It focuses on a specified community's members for the sake of encouraging resident and organization participation while measuring results against an established community's Climate Action Plan.  While its pilot community is Boulder, Colorado and its pilot sector is the energy services industry for the built environment, the concept is scalable to other types of carbon mitigation activities and other communities throughout the world.

What actions do you propose?

Complete   Enroll residents and organizations to baseline their emissions, undertake efforts - via EnergySmart, owned/PPA'd/gardened solar, Snugg Home, etc - to reduce them and track results. Leverage tracked results to educate other residents and organizations about options and solution performance while helping the city track fulfillment of its Climate Action Plan.  Expand beyond energy services for buildings and spread beyond Boulder, CO.

Who will take these actions?

Generize: Form a team, raise funds to finish website and organize as a (fee-based) nonprofit.

City of Boulder (via C3Boulder...idea credited to "Platform for Community Engagement around Achieving Carbon Neutrality"): Register with Generize as pilot community administrator. Promote use of it to the community. Track & communicate results against adopted Climate Action Plan.

Residents/Organizations: Agree to use website and allow details of their (possibly anonymous) carbon baseline and mitigation projects to be published publicly for the sake of evaluating partners and educating/empowering other community members.

What are the key challenges?

1) Building out a user-friendly web portal that is not overwhelming while providing a complicated, database-focused functionality that yields quality data results. 

2) Getting residents and organizations to baseline their emissions, undertake efforts to reduce them and be willing to publish both.

What are the key benefits?

Community engagement. Measuring and communicating solution efficiency. Tracking and communicating results against Climate Action Plan targets. In short, accountable climate action.

What are the proposal’s costs?

To build a fully functional and scalable website, $50K is estimated. Add in employee salaries, workspace rent, and other overhead costs until the fee-based system becomes self-sufficient through scale: $250K.

Time line

This section is a work in progress but will eventually take a structure similar to the well-thought out "Platform for Community Engagement around Carbon Neutrality" timeline.

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