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Noël Bakhtian

Mar 28, 2015


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Senate OKs amendment to ban carbon tax:

David Sillman

Apr 1, 2015


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I love the effort and I will re-read ... but I don't get it? Specifically how does this create incentives to use less fossil fuels? We DO need to tax GHG emissions - we currently pay real & considerable sums for this which are (wrongly) not included in the price of fossil fuels; a A straight up Carbon Tax is 'honest' - but that pot of $$ needs to be used to subsidize renewables & efficiency (deployment), R&D, etc., not just paid out to us.

Sam Notsureyouneedthis

Apr 17, 2015


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1. Develop a proper accounting system which can interface with ecosystems! You'll need it for colab as well. It also wouldn't hurt general economy to move closer to reality a tad. 2. Try to get the religious and patriotic angle in this. I doubt the emotional capital necessary to make an effort to comprehend the issue(s) and then to act on them rationally and compassionately can be developed in time to stem climate change. Propose more benevolent mitigation strategies that may be cheaper. Start setting up "told you so"s e.g. on long now bets. More empathy with the "enemy", less preaching to the choir. E.g. if you don't burn overseas resources you are supporting our troops. It should be easy to provide numbers for such a claim. 3. What industry (sub)sectors stand to win? Which ones will have their competition hit heavier? Prepare illustrations of that. Perhaps a mod of the economic commodity box diagrams MIT uses will work. Off topic: 1. The comment above me does not seem pertinent. Not a good omen for a colab platform. And I was asked for my real name and all... 2. The work interface sucks. Lack of contrast in a text box, and no other options? I guess you have to start somewhere...

Michaël Houle

Apr 30, 2015

Contest Manager

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New contest submission deadline! Entries are due June 13, 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Laur Hesse Fisher

May 11, 2015


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Join us for a webinar on May 19, 2015, hosted by the MIT Climate CoLab’s carbon price contest, featuring a conversation with the contest Advisors. The webinar is free and open to the public, and provides an exciting opportunity for contest participants and others considering submitting a proposal by the June 13th deadline, to learn about the current challenges and opportunities in successfully implementing a price on carbon in the United States. The webinar will cover several prominent issues in the news on carbon pricing in the U.S., including: - Thoughts on the major political challenges facing carbon pricing in the U.S.; - The strengths and weaknesses of various policy approaches; - Opportunities for political, social and technical innovation. Questions will be answered from webinar participants on the topics discussed and about the contest. More info & register:

Elizabeth Fisher

May 19, 2015


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Revenue Neutral doesn't necessarily mean that other taxes are cut. It just means that the government coffers don't grow. Giving the money back to households is still considered revenue neutral. The project description is a bit misleading if you're looking for revenue neutral options. As written it sounds like you bring a new definition to revenue neutral and limit it to only tax swaps. Do you really want to limit the options?

Michael Hayes

Jun 5, 2015


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The 'history' feature is not working and I need to pull up a past text. Any ideas on how to get the feature working?