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Robert Dyson

Oct 21, 2016


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I could not tie the various threads together; from distributed data processing to building with storm water pipes. There has to be a focus on something with a plan.

Michael Hayes

Nov 8, 2016


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Hello Robert,

The proposal is still very much a work in progress. The scope of the A2R challenge is broader than any Colab effort to date and to weave the many potential STEM, socioeconomic, policy threads together will be difficult. What you are reading, at this time, is more of a white board exercise in system of systems thinking.

Thanks for the note,




Ricardo Castro Nunes De Oliveira

Jan 24, 2017


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Dear Michel, thank you for the contact. Firstly, we would like to say that we have a strong preoccupation with the protection of the marine space.The Riverside Project has many concepts that have its origins in ProjetoOrla. The ProjetoOrla appeared in 2005 to respond some challenges identified in the Brazilian National Coast Management such as the environmental degradation and disorganized urbanization of the area around the beach. With the main intention to control this degradation, the ProjetoOrlawas implemented by a cooperation between the Brazilian Ministeries Ministry of Planning; Ministry of Environment.This project has as the main area of preoccupation - the space between the isobath with 10 meters and the line with 100 meters (urbanized areas) or 200 meters (not urbanized areas) after the end of the beach. Currently, some initiatives such as the Riverside Project are being tested about the possibilities to introduce similar concepts in the river space and link the management in river areas with the management of the seacoast. In addition, it is important to say that the proposition to capture and storage carbon (A2R via Oceanic Resources Conservation/Adaptation (ORCA) Sea Farming Communities) is very interesting and it is in the same line of our preoccupations about climate changes, global warming and of course, the environmental degradation and correlate impacts on society.The future climate changes are one of our concerns. The theme will be present in our proposition and will be an important point in our future meetings with local stakeholders and in lectures at schools.

Mark Guel Lacanilao

Mar 29, 2017


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This project is astonishing. I would love to work on this but I don't even imagine that it was not selected as semi finalist. Im so sad about the results.