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There is a fault of strategic analysis and coordination for this and similar projects, specially gobal warming still don't have a plan.



Previously I presented the organization of a Global Project that will manage all this kind of risks explainign his organization and their main functions, like knowledge management, the improtance of history, etc.

But it has a problem, who was going to manage it, after analyzing I concluded the best will be an organization created by all global agents of changed,  those who made a global change; organized by speciality (history, medicine, etc.) and by strategy, the fact to have an special group for each main strategy is critial, strategy is everything.

What actions do you propose?

I had created theotheretically the first plan to control the global warming, several years ago, currently I didn't see somebody is interested in this or anotehr plan.

But the first plan will be to structure the + project and the +association as explained in here

and here another details I had been adding lately.

Very respectfully, all the content is copyrighted, that means I want to participate to see it is correctly implemented, initially it was "open source" but after I saw there wasn't interest in making a plan I decided to copyright it.

Who will take these actions?

Initially a group that is really interested in control and anticipate consequence of global warming.

Where will these actions be taken?

Online, the concept of the +association is the flexibility.

What are other key benefits?

Human survival.

Optimize use of donation.

To have a plan to control global warming (included in paper)

To have a database of risk (included in paper)

What are the proposal’s costs?

no idea, it depends of what you want to get, because the +project is really big, and I don't think everything  will be done initially.

Time line

I suppose 1 month to start, and 6 months to structure fully an +association.

Related proposals


In the document

there are several references :)


Thank you if you read it.

Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco :)