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Almost 30 to 40 year ago in pakistan People use to carry their own bags to market made of cloth or organic material like date tree skin.



i believe the most visible item on our street is the presence of plastic bag which shows the amount of Carbon that would have released or will be released when they will be burnt at some stage ., we need to replace them .Back in our father time every person going to market use to have their own bag which were not only worth using for several years they were more ecofriendly too.

What actions do you propose?

The only action needed is to promote the bags.

Who will take these actions?

These action can be taken by individual but especially by companies from fashion design.

Where will these actions be taken?

What are other key benefits?

The key benefits will be reduction of plastic from our life which in turn will be benefical as less fuel will be wasted for the production of plastics.

What are the proposal’s costs?

As far the economic cost of these material they are easily purchased or made in home.

Time line

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