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Olawale Olaniyan

Jun 24, 2017


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Hi Teddyodindo,

A good proposal here! I'll like to suggest that you provide the remaining information in order to complete your proposal. Some of the missing information had been mentioned in your wrote-ups. Try to be more specific concerning where and who will be involved in implementing your suggested activities. Also, indicate expected duration of this proposal.

Best wishes, 


Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

Aug 3, 2017


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I am taking the privilege to thank you for submitting to the adaptation contest! There is a need for effective coping strategies against climate variability and change, especially for the most vulnerable cities like African countries. We look forward to seeing how you develop other categories.

Best wishes,


Hari Krishnaa

Aug 5, 2017


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Hi Teddy Yodindo,


Thanks for your adaptation contest proposal entitled "Prioritizing Adaptation Options for African Cities". The title of your proposal Interested me mainly because of my current work on Urban Disaster Risk Reduction in Malawi In Africa. 

I'm happy that you have chosen this very Interesting topic of adaptation in the cities In the light of growing urbanization in the world quoting UN-HABITATs estimation on future urban growth. UN-HABITAT also reports that r Africa is experiencing the fastest pace of urbanization in the world at the rate of 3.5 percent per year. Currently, 40 percent of Africans live in cities and 50 percent will live in cities of Africa by 2030. Echoing these projections, the McKinsey Global Institute projects estimated that by 2030, the 18 largest cities in Africa will have a combined spending power of $1.3 trillion, which is larger than the GDP of the majority of the nations. 

Given this background, I value the Intent of your proposal to be valuable and potential. Hoping that you build on what you have drafted so far, I make following suggestions:

1. Please elaborate urban context of African cities in the back ground and introduction. Also, please emphasize what unique characteristics that make cities, especially African cities vulnerabilities to climate shocks and what adaptation strengths that African cities may have.Please refer to some Important sources of Information to strengthen your Introductory chapter. I wish to Indicate a few here:

Rapid Urbanization if Africa:

Africa's Urbanization: Challenges and Opportunities:

Five Trends in Africa's Urbanization-

The Process of Urbanization in Africa- ( This is an old report but helps to understand typical personality and genesis of Urban Africa)

2. You have mentioned that your proposal relates to a practice. I hope you can explain why you think this is a practice. Because your proposal sounds like a (research) project to me.  

3. You have proposed Three main action points to carry on as part of this proposed project/practice. These actions points Include A. Risk based assessment, B Identification of adaptation actions based on Risk, C. Cost Benefit Analysis of adaptation actions. The methodology you have proposed Include, qualitative research to Identify adaptation options and focusing on water sector in a coastal city.

I suggest you strengthen this part with better writing, coherence, and clarity. In doing so, please explain the methodology you wish to use for risk assessment and why you chose water sector and why you chose the city you have named?

4. Most Importantly, what is the Innovation in your proposal? Since your proposal is a research oriented, you may want to think of an Innovative action research approach that will contribute to the body of knowledge on the research on understanding climate change risks and adaptation strategies in urban areas.

5. Finally, please ensure Integrity of your proposal title and the description of your proposal. Your title says African cities and you suddenly pin the action down to one coastal city. That is misleading. In the proposal title it self you may wish to add supplement saying,   A Pilot Initiative in so and so city.  Please do complete all sections in the contest form. 

I hope these suggestions are useful. I do hope to see a complete proposal as the topic you have chosen is very Important in the current context.

Thank you and wish you all the best.

Hari Krishna

Roxanne Springer

Aug 31, 2017


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Hi Teddyodindo

I've read your proposal with interest. Thanks kindly for sharing.

I have reviewed the proposal and think this could make a very significant contribution to the state of knowledge on adaptation options to mitigate the risk of climate change. I encourage to to complete the other sections so as to fully develop your proposal. You have already provided some of the information relavant to the other sections of the form. 

All the best.