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Jeff Harti

Aug 24, 2017


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Greetings Howard Arboleda,

A belated thank you for submitting your detailed proposal.

Your participation in this year's contest is very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Jeff Harti

Ridwan D. Rusli

Sep 4, 2017


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Important effort, esp. starting with education.

Please however take into account the fact that in low-income regions people must work all-day long just to help their families survive. Thus you need to create financial incentives, be it payment by larger collecting agencies or users; free food or incentives for people to participate in educational programs, etc. Anything that widens these people's bandwith and attention time-span, to be able to learn these important yet new environmental efforts, without creating to much opportunity cost.

Sergio Pena

Sep 8, 2017


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excellent idea. The cost is quiet low but be aware that you have not included th total costs, for example, those arising from the whole operation. Is it the cost for the whole project or only for a project during a year? About the rest, be so kind to establish the countries in which this project might be applicable. Certainly Colombia would be one of them but what about Ecuador or Peru?

Best regards.




Sergio Pena

Nov 2, 2017


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Dear Howard, would be possible to have an answer on the question of September 8? Many thanks in advance. Congratulations for your success in passing to the semifinal. Best regards. Sergio Peña