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Anastasia Kouki

Oct 17, 2017


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Hello, I really like this proposal, but, to be honest, I feel I want to express my concern about how you can achieve the personal engagement of the faculty members. I feel is like you take it as granted that the faculty members will want to be a part of your proposal, but what happens if that is not the case, not because they are anti-environmentally friendly, but perhaps because they do not have time. Moreover, most of the Universities might have already a similar program, why they must skip to yours. I wish you all the best with your proposal!!! 

Susan S.

Nov 2, 2017


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Hi Anastasia,Thank you for writing!  Actually, I don't assume that faculty will want to join this proposal and share information about their own emissions.  I pose the idea because personal consumption levels are oftenhidden and even environmental faculty would tend to shy away from this important topic.   I don't know of any universities that require their faculty to demonstrate a low-emissions lifestyle.  I mainly want to raise the propsal as a potential topic for students to bring up with their instructors.   If environmental educators do not care enough to walk the walk, why have they chosen this profession?   

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