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Small business can put a public charger asking customers to plugin while they are shopping or eating at that store.



The problem in many cities is air and water pollution. It comes from car exhaust and oil and coal fired power plants. Canada has lots of clean hydro power but needs more clean electric cars. With small businesses having a public charger that normally only provides about 6 kWh of power an hour they help plugin cars at very lost cost with clean electricity. It also reduces brake wear and brake dust that causes PM10 pollution. Gas and diesel exhaust can be deadly. Keep Canada the cleanest country in the world.  


How do you know that your solution is desirable to SMEs, and will reduce GHG emissions?

A zero pollution electric car does produce any Green house gases at all. Since gas and diesel cars produce tons of pollution this is a big step to clean the air. There are even electric trucks and buses that can help even more. 

Even a hybrid produced 10 times less air pollution that a regular gas or diesel vehicle. A Plugin Hybrid can produce zero emissions but only if it plugs in when it's near it's electric limit. Having public charging is easy and low cost. It can attract and encourage customers to be even cleaner. 


What actions do you propose?

Just installing one public charger with 2 ports at small business can increase customers and reduce air pollution. It's very low cost and simple to do. A simple policy that says no parking in that spot unless your a plugin vehicle and charging would keep it available. The more it gets used the cleaner the air can become. 

Who will take these actions?

The government can has a small incentive to place these public chargers.

The business can get one and have it installed.

It's all about education and Canada does that very well. 

Where will these actions be taken?

There are lots of small companies that already install these chargers. Charge Point is one of the best. 

FleetCarma based in Canada can provide the education about plugging in. 

What are the proposal’s projected costs?

Each charging location only cost $1-2,000 to purchase and install. It just takes one 240 volt ac circuit to run the public charger. If a sall fee is charged for use they can pay for themselves but it's so low cost I think it is better to have free charging. 


Once the solution is built and implemented describe a path forward for it to scale to other users/companies.

It would be very easy to have more and more companies provide this simple service. Any electrician or contractor can install these public chargers. A bust location could add more than one if needed. 

How will your solution lead to change on a larger scale over time (i.e. 3 to 5 years out)? How many businesses can potentially be affected by your solution?

As more and more people plugin and see how their vehicles are more reliable and 4 times more efficient others will do the same. This reduces pollution more each year. It gives Canada more oil to sell to the Americans and other countries as those prices rise. 

What business and funding model have you considered for your solution to become sustainable?

This is so low cost any small business can add a public station and get a better return than advertising in the news papaer or on TV. It will pay for itself. As more and more people drive plugins they will get more customers and reduce air pollution even more.



What impact will the proposed actions have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

Today about 60% of green house gases are produced by vehicles. By having public charging more electric cars will be on the road and decrease the air pollution on an exponential slop starting at 1% a year and doubling each year. 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 to 100% reduction in air pollution. so it will only take 8 to 10 years to reach 100%. 

   This also increases the oil that can be exported each year supplying a net increase to the Canadian GDP. 

What are other key benefits?

As the air clears the skies will look brighter. There will be less volitile weather  with less flood and dry spells. This will lead to less forest fires. The cities will be quieter. buses will be clean and gain even more use.  

About the Authors

I wrote this and enjoy the clean air and quiet area's near Lake Simco. I live in the USA in a Solar GRID tied home that makes more energy than we use all year. We drive electric with no pollution and eat Vegan which requires 10 times less energy and 100 times less water. With live with very little waste so we only have to put out our recycling and trash once a month.

We walk the talk about helping our environment. 


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many studies in Canada the USA and other countries show that gas and diesel cars produces tons of pollution.