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GCF lets people or services serve one another or participate in the same forum or request via the internet



GCF gives end users the ability to create a forum or request that can scale. I.e. contain indefinite number of a sub-forums, or sub-requests.

For example, a person might register with the system and create a public forum or request for a 'new house'. An architect could register themselves in that same forum or request, and create several sub-forums or sub-requests for a plumber, electrician and a carpenter. These services could in turn create several sub-forums or sub-requests of their own. Each service, self-managing or being responsible for their own forums or requests, whilst helping to serve or self-manage the entire forum or request.

What concrete idea do you propose?

Educate people or businesses about prior unity, or the non-linear, non-circular aspects of service or serving.

Establish an open source project.

Maintain a running version of the system.

Who will take these actions?

- Volunteer developers and administrators to help design, implement and maintain the open source project.
- Internet service providers and website hosts to help provide computer services to keep the system up and running.


What impact will these actions have on sustainability within Travel & Mobility?

The above image link demonstrates how a forum or request to travel from Christchurch, New Zealand through to Dusseldorf Germany can be managed self-sustainably or as part of a single human conversation, forum or request.  The image shows how people or services can scale a forum or request to include more than one person or service in the conversation at the same time.  Blue circles represent people or services, or the "energy" in the system.  The red circles are forums or requests, or the conversation that is taking place.  Notice, how the red circles are enumerating or being scaled horizontally over the sociopolitical or economic domain of humankind.  This behavior enables any human forum or request to be served or managed at scale by people or human society as a whole.  A tour guide still helps people plan their trip and McDonald's restaurant still serves burgers.  But it is the way in which these services are interacting with one another that is different.  All of the services are presuming prior unity with one another or the self-management of the sociopolitical or economic domain of humankind.  Sarah, just wants to get to Dusseldorf, Germany, she doesn't care how she gets there or what services are involved.  GCF, shifts the responsibility of managing the forum or request away from Sarah, as an apparently separate person or "local" service or source, to the non-separate or "global" service or source instead.

About the team members

Rob Kara, computer programmer, aged 45, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.