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Stop to follow the wrong way of machine propulsion building is building the hell on Earth as progress.

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Vladimir Abramov

Sep 20, 2014


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At January 29, 1886 in the Germany, first inventor Mr. Carl Benz have moved the first steel vehicle with 779 power-to-weight ratio by 0.75 horse power of engine (patent #37435). Other words, the propulsion with motor of 0.75 hp produces the sufficient highest standard torque that moves vehicle from stop by highest friction road force that push vehicle by turning wheels according Third Newton’s physics low of motion. However at 1914, the USA manufactures had begun to add to motor up to 80% gas of its physical volume that reduces the shaft standard highest torque magnitude for increasing its idle speed. Therefore the acceleration system required to increase motor size to 20 horse powers. Excessive motor torque of 1200 lb vehicle exceeded normal friction road torque in 779x20/ 1200x 500/1200= 13 times. Result of non-engineering decision to ignore the physics law of lever for control vehicle speed/saving energy and to use transmission torque for additional motor energy consumption when it struggles with acceleration system by reducing vehicle speed. At 2014, since too slowly gas or electromagnet field accelerates vehicle that reduces its power-to-weight ratio in 779/2.1=384 times by increasing motor power up to 550 hp (SUV). Why SUV continues to use transmission torque? Each present land vehicle with power-to-weight ratio less than 779 must have propulsion comprising modernized transmission that produces only OVERDRIVE SPEEDS OR ONLY INCREASES MOTOR SHAFT IDLE SPEED. However, Archimedes (circa 287-212) words: “Give me a point of support and I will turn around the Earth by a lever” more than two thousand years ago. Maybe Archimedes was not relevant? These two USA patents #8,011,274 at 09/06/2011 and 7,191,676 at 03/20/2007 that disclosed above 1,000 gearbox apparatuses of mutually definite units with forced energy economy system (GAFEES). One has least gear number in the World and ,for example, GAFEES of nine (9) reduces motor torque or power in up to 5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5==390,625 times by using only 2%X8=16% energy. This innovation is finalist at Cleantech and Energy of 2012 Minnesota’s TEKNE AWARDS, USA. Today is above one BILLION of vehicles are pushed by land, water, and air that have friction forces are basic only power calculation of motor. It is huge responsibility to create propaganda of making focus to increased motor power and to ignore the Physics Law of Lever as is shift gearbox. Stop to use additional energy of motor acceleration system that STRUGGLE with torque of reducing speed transmission. Vehicle’s motor must works as the motor of universal machine tool. Best way to make MORE money by getting focus to torque or power of wheels or propeller with propulsion comprising dramatically smaller motor that works TOGETHER with cheapest GAFEES that control vehicle speeds by eliminating acceleration system. Please stop to follow to ignorant of the Earth Physics Laws, clean environment and climate changing to global suicide as human’s progress.