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Can any new transportation system ever be built in the United States?8Dorcas Melda3 years ago
Crowdfunding for renewable energy projects8Dorcas Melda3 years ago
What is the hang up?41Dorcas Melda3 years ago
Team Matchmaking Forum: Post ads for teammates or find a team!5Dorcas Melda3 years ago
Introducing the Climate Innovators Network1Alex St John3 years ago
Biochar stoves in minority world countries4Koby Hunter3 years ago
Featured Project Development - State of the Art Novel InFlowTech: ·1-Gearturbine RotaryTurbo, ·2-Imploturbocompressor One CompressionStep2Carlos Barrera3 years ago
Missing Graphics on Winning Proposal2Annalyn Bachmann3 years ago
Impact population, demography3Andy Kadir-buxton3 years ago
Reducing Carbon emmission through Aforestation5Andy Kadir-buxton3 years ago
Fight against global warming5Andy Kadir-buxton3 years ago
Brainstorm thread28Peter Reynolds3 years ago
The main reason for #climatechange1Wadï Mami3 years ago
New contest entry posted for climate change3Itamew Itamewmb3 years ago
Aquifers and agriculture, Texas size problem. Population vs infrastructure collision course.1Jeffrey Pickett3 years ago
Climate Change Umnderlying Physics Demonstration1Peter Milne3 years ago
Seeking Help - A Game that Optimizes Climate Data for Machine Learning Based Forecasting Systems1Lucas Arndt3 years ago
How to remove once project from this platform ?3Annalyn Bachmann3 years ago
Only types of energy that can be produced in the future and requirements that will be necessary6Jonathan Allen3 years ago
Gathering data to measuring your grocery shopping environmental impact1Gentry Demchak4 years ago
Ceramics in environmental health and development1A. Reid Harvey4 years ago
Switch forum to Discourse1Gentry Demchak4 years ago
Injecting sustainability concepts in lifestyle2Manohar Lal Baharani4 years ago
Grazing the skills and competence of senior citizens.1Manohar Lal Baharani4 years ago
Earth Day Logo Design Challenge in Honor of Earth Day1Janil Jean4 years ago
Help. Climate change solution PUZZLE PIECE FOUND, now what?1Zen Captureall4 years ago
Request for permission to promote climatecolab page4Jim Moss4 years ago
Thin lens2Jim Moss4 years ago
Use of real names instead of screen names?18Jim Moss4 years ago
Climate change discussion16Jim Moss4 years ago
Intolerable impacts of Urban Heat Island5Jim Moss4 years ago
There is a problem with my homepage2Annalyn Bachmann4 years ago
OTEC/hybrid using buildings grey water/close loop ground source1Barry Saunders4 years ago
The life in cities over the next century5Chris Dudley4 years ago
Cooling of water through a Ceramic Ppaer2Bill Marston Leed Ap4 years ago
Are their any economists here?2Bill Marston Leed Ap4 years ago
Does the reduction in temperature of exhaust gas has an effect in Gw ?1Venkatesh R5 years ago
Exhaust Gas Treatment can Impact GW ?1Venkatesh R5 years ago
Problems submitting proposal- HELP6Annalyn Bachmann5 years ago
What are people doing when...3Bradley Layton5 years ago
Climate Change through the Gender Lens: Focus on Africa1Elizabeth Pollitzer5 years ago
Case of Light Pollution to Trees/ Plants etc.2Vineet Kumar5 years ago
Create a collaborative workspace for my project2Willet Román5 years ago
Report bugs and request features83Annalyn Bachmann5 years ago
Petition against the animal bags2Ismail Abdi5 years ago
Photosynthesis1Klaus Mager5 years ago
to be a member of the club7Annalyn Bachmann5 years ago
Breeding freshwater plants to absorb more C021Martin Palencia5 years ago
Breeding seaweed to absorb more C021Martin Palencia5 years ago
Looking for Team Members for Clean Energy Supply9Manasse Ntwari5 years ago
I need suport to be able to use an offer from a potential investor for my proposal1Attila Deutsch5 years ago
A possible way to stop climate change heating up our atmosphere1Mark Slater5 years ago
Almost time!1Pia Jensen5 years ago
"Recent Activity" list5Annalyn Bachmann5 years ago
Question about the climate colab model2Annalyn Bachmann5 years ago
Idaho Climate Summit - First collaborative business conversation on climate change Idaho!2Pia Jensen5 years ago
REPAIRING BROKEN ALLIANCES!3Johnnie Buttram6 years ago
Lethal methane release to the atmosphere2Anuprasad Sg6 years ago
Opposition to MIT Central Utilities Plant (CUP) Conversion and Expansion1Rick Shankman6 years ago
Urban Health and Wellbeing2Franz Gatzweiler6 years ago
Rethink for Impact - envisioning an online course to enable behavior shift1Ralf Lippold6 years ago
proposal submission problem2Annalyn Bachmann6 years ago
Commercial use2Annalyn Bachmann6 years ago
Green Roofs: What if your city behaved like an ecosystem?3James Southwood6 years ago
The year 40001Nicholas Heltzel6 years ago
I'm Confused!2Annalyn Bachmann6 years ago
A Climate Change Denier in the White House?1Ethelbert Akwuruaha6 years ago
Save Energy Save Lives #SDGs #cars #airpollution Stop polluting cities by cars,Use GPS electric capsule Kumar6 years ago
rant1Angelo Peterson6 years ago
Building Carbon Pricing Into Products & Services To Reach Net-Carbon Neutrality Through Consumption1Reed Shapiro6 years ago
Plastics anyone?5Humaira Shahbaz6 years ago
Seeking team menbers on project for mobilizing cities and regions for cliumate action16Holly M. Berkowitz6 years ago
Urban metabolism and urban planning gap1Gabriela Fernandez6 years ago
Pollination can be a strategy to reduce CO2 in the agriculture ?1Carlos Rehder6 years ago
Does System Dynamics Make Sense?2Thomas Simon6 years ago
Why Climate Change?10Robert Dyson6 years ago
Algae for Climate Mitigation4Stuart Hodson6 years ago
Cryogenic Research Collaboration Sought (Crowds & Climate Unconference: Follow-up)1Dimoir Quaw6 years ago
Transfer proposal?2Annalyn Bachmann6 years ago
Redefining The Democratic And Republican Parties Positions On Climate Change!1Johnnie Buttram7 years ago
The Future of Energy: Unleashing the Power of Innovation, Sustainability and Stewardship2Abuanthony Alim7 years ago
Future contests3Cretu Ciprian7 years ago
Climate CoLab is such a Great Place to Build a Project1Martin Kailie7 years ago
Evolution is complexity, analogically, optimally realised2Eric Leclair7 years ago
Math and physics help needed! Post your questions and answers here.1Damian Bayne7 years ago
Climate Resilient Village.1Urval Chotalia7 years ago
Eco-Cassava1Martin Kailie7 years ago
Climate change as a business opportunity1Martin Kailie7 years ago
His Future depends on us. 2Annalyn Bachmann7 years ago
supporting files2Annalyn Bachmann7 years ago
kind of puzzled3Annalyn Bachmann7 years ago
Fukushima's radionuclides and their effect on our Global weather13Gautam Pandey7 years ago
How do we insert videos into our proposals ?4Annalyn Bachmann7 years ago
Discussion thread from Huynh Phu Dat10Jennifer Perron7 years ago
Supporting vs. public voting2Annalyn Bachmann7 years ago
Eco-Cassava1Martin Kailie7 years ago
Current contest entry date?2Jennifer Perron7 years ago
How can I edit my proposals , I make them better .4Annalyn Bachmann7 years ago
If a proposal is not only viable but can be implemented immediately, what is the next step?1Kevin Vonmoses7 years ago
help?? please???4Neil Lizotte7 years ago
Fund$ available to implement great ideas in Adelaide, South Australia1Ben Towne7 years ago
Call for entries: A $1 million prize for the best method to map Indonesian peatlands1Sada Naegelin7 years ago
Seeking team members for eco-friendly ferry company2Aaron Davis7 years ago
Modeling Algorithms and Help1Aaron Davis7 years ago
Climate change and Sustainable Agriculture Development5Greg Robie7 years ago
A billion dollar prize: $1,000,000,000.00!!!1Greg Robie7 years ago
American Companies and overseas product production1Jojo Barbour7 years ago
Introducing Social Electricity1Andreas Kamilaris7 years ago
"24 Hours of Reality:" Online Watch Party & Live Discussion!2Ben Towne7 years ago
Research on "Why Climate CoLab?". Please tell me your opinion! All are welcome!1Nicole Wong7 years ago
Sub-national actors project1Andrew Vitvitsky7 years ago
The judges written 'Evaluation' of proposals are not showing up on many proposals; Also are there standards for judging?8Annalyn Bachmann7 years ago
EnRoads needs to be turned on for the revision time frame1Michael Hayes7 years ago
Need Messages Deleated2Annalyn Bachmann7 years ago
Is this platform crashing???4Annalyn Bachmann7 years ago
Does the following change to the judging rules help address the need for an effective global plan? "IMPORTANT **For example, plans will not be advanced that offer a singular idea that can be applied globally[...]".1Michael Hayes7 years ago
The use of logic should not be a negative/limiting factor in the judging of proposals!1Michael Hayes7 years ago
too little too late?6Tim Guldentops8 years ago
"Speed Dating" for Winners and Funders1Dave Finnigan8 years ago
sofc natural gas fuel cells1Tom Willson8 years ago
Technology Submission - State of the Art - Novel InFlow Tech - Featured Project Development; 1-Gearturbine, 2-Imploturbocompressor1Carlos Barrera8 years ago
The national/regional plan platform does not actually have space for describing the author's standalone plan.2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
The 'Show History' function is not working as there is No history content of prior work.2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
The 'Search by Contest' is not working4Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
List of voters4Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Wildlife Management System ?3Raphael Wanjala8 years ago
The "Impact" models are showing different outcomes with same inputs.4Michael Hayes8 years ago
Is new climate action contest worth the time?5Bill Ferree8 years ago
Deadline for posting a proposal2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Regional-Sector Workspaces Closing1Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Daily digest email2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Suggestions for future contest applicants:3Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Change to the proposal format regional climate action plans1Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Introducing First Review1Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Whole scale butchering/mixing of text3Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
I just lost the last 30 minutes of changes since the system dropped me with no warning.2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Massive number of emails/comments being posted on same issue2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Have a question about regional and global plans?1Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
supplementary information for proposals?4Stacy Rebich Hespanha8 years ago
Explain3Bill Ferree8 years ago
Advisers, Fellows and Judges seem to be switched around.2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Incentivize growing of climate-suitable crops in Southwestern states1Joshua Brown8 years ago
What's the point of people supporting a proposal, as opposed to voting?2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
New 'proposal selection' feature not working2Beatrice Lamche8 years ago
Information in proposals is being deleted4Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
How does Climate Colab rate? (as an organization)2Laur Hesse Fisher8 years ago
History Button Not Working2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Scaling globally, sustainable systems, how to assign carbon-footprint?1Tom Mallard8 years ago
Cursor Issues2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
My profile as been posted under someone else's photo.2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Updates on past winners?2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
hydrogen powered thermal mass oven1Angelo Peterson8 years ago
Help me stop Mad scientist from looking for Energy!1Abuanthony Alim8 years ago
Skill Sets?1Jasot Turbot8 years ago
Models/Voting Schemes/Structure/Theory for collaboration12Ted Wong8 years ago
International Professors Project Volunteer to Promote and/or Recruit2Kapa Sarjan8 years ago
Why are the front page questions so large in scope?3Hemant Wagh8 years ago
TOTAL WAR ON CLIMATE CHANGE3Sam Notsureyouneedthis8 years ago
Common Visual Representation4Sam Notsureyouneedthis8 years ago
I have found that a proposal of mine has been edited without my knowledge1Michael Hayes8 years ago
A late suggestion for Adaptation to Climate Change, addressing drinking water & sea level rise11Jan Kunnas8 years ago
Unlimited Jet Fuel From Wind Power1Robert Schreib8 years ago
The Global 50/50 Lottery1Robert Schreib8 years ago
A better Home Solar3Samson Tsegaye8 years ago
Design for greenhouse collecting potable water1Mathilde Richelet8 years ago
Bios8Michael Hayes8 years ago
Air conditioning campaign ideas (anyone? please!)4Hemant Wagh8 years ago
Anticipating Climate Change in the Pamir Mountains3Richard Gillaspie8 years ago
Lets convince the EU to use the massive financial ECB Boost Wisely!1Hendrik Van Der Tol8 years ago
Carbon Tax & Australian Politics8Richard Gillaspie8 years ago
Clotheslines6Richard Gillaspie8 years ago
Contests?! How about a contest to fix Fukushima?!!!3Michael Hayes8 years ago
Heat Island Coming at Alewife2Ellen Mass8 years ago
UT Energy Week for startups: $100K in prizes2Alan Greenspan8 years ago
WINNERS NETWOK11Jan Kunnas8 years ago
Subscription display bug2Ben Towne9 years ago
Can a proposal be in more than one category?2Laur Hesse Fisher9 years ago
Stop to follow the wrong way of machine propulsion building is building the hell on Earth as progress.1Vladimir Abramov9 years ago
Posts typed before login are lost2Manuel Thurner9 years ago
combination proposals3Hemant Wagh9 years ago
What happen is this ?2Laur Hesse Fisher9 years ago
Who, and how can we best approach to discuss about Reduction of Transportation Emissions3Jan Kunnas9 years ago
Why Climate Colab change the date ?5Huynh Phu Dat9 years ago
Proposal updates3Dennis Peterson9 years ago
The simple politics of climate change1William Chandler9 years ago
Let's engage in more meaningful debates...12Tim Guldentops9 years ago
Reverse links2Laur Hesse Fisher9 years ago
a social eco-nomic model1Tim Guldentops9 years ago
Black Carbon, is it important to reduce, what can we do?2James Boulter9 years ago
Proposal to unleash the power of example is looking for good examples!1Jan Kunnas9 years ago
Push and Go E-Bike renewable electric system1Abuanthony Alim9 years ago
Voting: Any promotional email to Climate Colab members4Laur Hesse Fisher9 years ago
120 MPG engine5Charmaine Bach9 years ago
Could GM save us?1Harvey Williams9 years ago
If you could offer future proposal authors one piece of advice, what would it be?16James Greyson9 years ago
Edit section by section1Morey Bean9 years ago
Public webinar with Land Use Advisors & Fellows, June 251Tal Lee Anderman9 years ago
Join us at a Sustainability Conference at the National Academies1Shani Misir9 years ago
Munipalities contributing to the demise of greenhouse effects.2Vishal Bhavsar9 years ago
U will choose a proposal make Earth store CO2 or poposal can't make Earth store CO2 ?3Huynh Phu Dat9 years ago
Brainstorming a civil society topic6Tom Morris9 years ago
How do you join a team for editing / composing a proposal?4Paul Via Franco9 years ago
Is The Copy Cat, "Cut And Paste" Mentality Working Against Climate Adaptation In Africa?3Tom Morris9 years ago
Are there categories of solutions?2Laur Hesse Fisher9 years ago
Does the money prize discourage collaboration? I think so.3Guy Beaumont9 years ago
Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech - Gearturbine Project - Featured Development - Atypical Motor Engine Type2Carlos Barrera9 years ago
What are the design features of sustainable interventions to climate change ?2Gregory Lee9 years ago
Contest help, $350 million already committed1Keith Henson9 years ago
Someone that discover how to separate atoms in any liquid.1Bill Kendrick9 years ago
Join the Action4Climate competition!2Yusuf Mallie9 years ago
air-powered household energy generation2Yusuf Mallie9 years ago
What have you done to reduce your carbon footprint today?7Oliver Krautstrunk10 years ago
A new transportation model using available technology - mobility as a 'product'1Galen Wilkerson10 years ago
Sustainable Transportation;4Galen Wilkerson10 years ago
Cultural barriers3Pia Jensen10 years ago
Calling for news of allied eco-competitions and crowdsourcing!7Karen Silva10 years ago
Electric power sector5Pia Jensen10 years ago
Paving the way for a Climate Solution Driver11Laur Hesse Fisher10 years ago
Cultural Differences: Participation en todos el mundo2Laur Hesse Fisher10 years ago
Compete or Support: ONe Common Goal3Pia Jensen10 years ago
Empowering community-led action in the highly vulnerable Caribbean1L M10 years ago
Go Green, Save Money, Build Community1Robert Means10 years ago
Basalt RockDust/Remineralize the Earth2James Greyson10 years ago
First phase proposals review5Nishadh K.a.10 years ago
Media monitoring strategy2Mike Roddy10 years ago
eco-engineering1Russ George10 years ago
Category2Rob Laubacher10 years ago
Green Bussiness Idea - Sustainable Trade Practice is possible2James Greyson10 years ago
In which contest does my project belong?4Rob Laubacher10 years ago
Please sign my petition "Stop Misleading Energy Pipedreams."1Maria Lewytzkyj-milligan10 years ago
Greetings - new Relief Analysis Center concept under Adaptation4Rob Laubacher10 years ago
My introduction to changing how we address problems with regards to science and society Why innovation is not moving forward in America1Michael Anderson10 years ago
Your feedback on 2011 + ideas for 2012 please20Pia Jensen10 years ago
Oil / Coal and Gas1tones10 years ago
Fight global warming with MORE cattle?2Guy Dauncey10 years ago
Anyone sharing job perspectives on climate change?2James Greyson10 years ago
Can tourism help? Let me introduce sustainable tourism world3Rob Laubacher10 years ago
RECIPE For Saving RAIN FORESTS and US2Steve Nostradome10 years ago
GLOBAL WARMING4John Rosebush10 years ago
What can we learn from Hurricane Sandy?2Tom Mallard10 years ago
What questions do engineers have for climate scientists?4James Greyson10 years ago
can we change the climate in Somalian lands by this idea ?4James Greyson10 years ago
ECOCITY 20132James Greyson10 years ago
White, reflective roofs7John Dugger10 years ago
New Innovations- Wind / Water Powered Energy2Corri 10 years ago
Climate change research augmentation through crowdsourcing.2Rob Laubacher10 years ago
Belief economics - changing price elasticity to make pricing more effective15James Atkins10 years ago
Running on Empty Caucus of USA Democrats3Dick Mcmanus11 years ago
Sustainable Tourism World is looking for collaborators1Sara Vitali11 years ago
Affordable amphibious housing solution for Climate Adaptation2James Greyson11 years ago
Proposed Activities in 201240Karl Geissler11 years ago
Ten Steps to Planetary Sustopia - Part One: The Asynsis Sustopia Initiative - Redux 02/07/122Sandeep Goswami11 years ago
Algae Carbon Sink to Prevent Clathrate Gun1Nick Carter11 years ago
Geoengineering- reducing solar intensities using mirages in outer space1Ali Liban11 years ago
Common Easy to Understand Measures of Solar PV efficiencies2Chris Horn11 years ago
Framing our collective activity14David Haaren11 years ago
Climate and health1Neil Pakenham-walsh11 years ago
How about a press release for the winners?1Mike Plusch11 years ago
Conspiracy by Dennis Peterson3Rob Laubacher11 years ago
Extremely dissapointed by the results5Wendy Wright11 years ago
six global finalists, but only three can be voted for?4Roger Eaton11 years ago
Notification that voting has begun?2Rob Laubacher11 years ago
How can we create a CoLab activity around the idea quantifying local effects and impacts?8Linda Beamish11 years ago
Evidence of climate change and the scale of required mitigation4Chris Smerald12 years ago
"Gaming" on the CoLab5Deborah Phelan12 years ago
Proposed Contest: A Climate Change Short Fiction Competition1Eric Durbrow12 years ago
Intellectual Property Exchange, 2009 ©.4James Greyson12 years ago
Models and modeling functionality5Dennis Peterson12 years ago
Specific CoLab activities6James Greyson12 years ago
Feedback on 2010 contest1Climate Colab12 years ago
By 2020 , 1 billion ICE vehicles on the road isn't it enough1Jacopo Querci12 years ago
Christmas and Climate Change1Rob Hodgkiss12 years ago
Climate of Change1Jose Lebron12 years ago