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Cooling of water through a Ceramic Ppaer

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Muhammad Hammad

Oct 21, 2018


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Can we cool water through ceramic paper as the Taracotta did once ?

Bill Marston Leed Ap

Jan 11, 2019


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Muhammad Hamman is correct regarding “ceramic” clay materials providing passive cooling. I think ceramic refers to glazed clay products, but these are not water absorbent. A material must absorb & evaporate moisture in order to thermally function through “evaporative cooling”. A basic principle of simple thermodynamic law.

However, the surrounding air must be dry enough to lift and hold the moisture from a brick or tile.

“Evaporative cooler - Wikipedia

  1. Jump to Physical principles - Direct evaporative cooling(open circuit) is used to lower the temperature and increase the humidity of air by using latent heat of evaporation, changing liquid water to water vapor. In this process, the energy in the air does not change. Warm dry air is changed to cool moist air.”