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How can I edit my proposals , I make them better .

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Huynh Phu Dat

Nov 22, 2014


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How can I edit my proposals when there is no button to edit them ? Thank you .

Laur Hesse Fisher

Nov 24, 2014


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Hi Huynh Pu Dat, If you are trying to edit your proposal in the Workspace, you can do so by logging into your account, visiting your proposal page, and hitting the "edit" button on the DESCRIPTION tab. If you are trying to edit your proposal in a closed contest, you can move the proposal to the Workspace and open it from there. Log into your account, visit your proposal page, and click the ADMIN tab. Click the button, "Copy this proposal", and then select "Proposal workspace". You can then access and edit your proposal using the instructions above. Thanks! ~~ Laur Fisher for the Climate CoLab team

Jeffery Smith

Mar 21, 2016


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I want to edit last year's proposal for this year's contest. I'm logged in. At the Description tab there is no "Edit" button. Can you send a link? A screen shot? Thanks.

Annalyn Bachmann

Mar 30, 2016


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Hello, Thanks for reaching out Jeffrey! Unfortunately, I cannot attach images to discussion posts at this time, but you can find the "edit" button right under the description tab. Please let me know if you need anything else! Thank you, Annalyn Bachmann Project Assistant with the Climate CoLab