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The year 4000

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Nicholas Heltzel

Apr 11, 2017


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Hello. I'm an independent student at M.I.T. Opencourseware, and II would like to discuss the future, and some simple perspectives. I think that our #1 problem that we face with climate change and atmospheric carbon levels, is the continued use and reliance, upon fossil fuels. I think the primary use of fossil fuels is applied in our transportation sectors, both commercial, and personal transportation. I've thought of a lot of ideas, and tried to get the ball rolling, by writing tesla about electric semi trucks, and powering them with solar stations, etc. I think if the bottle of water you purchase at the store, was transported using clean energy, it has a larger effect on reducing atmospheric carbon levels, than a $70,000 electric passenger vehicle, that most people cannot afford. I started to think, and looked into the future, and not just the future 50-100 years from now, but thousands of years from now. You know what I realized? That there's no way we could accommodate highways and roads with that many needed lanes. That rush hour traffic, in places such as New York, would have week or month long traffic jams. Not to mention we wouldn't even see a future that far ahead if we all continue in the same direction with transportation. I propose, a global mass transit system, the likes of which, has never been seen. A high-speed solar electric maglev system, with solar electric shuttles that are within walking distance of a few blocks, anywhere in the world. I propose that this transit system, not only transport people, but commercial shipments, as a solution to commercial transport as well. I believe transportation should be free on this system, for everyone in the world, including commercial transport. I believe in implementing a mandated civil service globally for this initiative, of 2 weekends a year, for the able bodied, to offset the labor costs of building, repairing, and maintaining this global transit system. And in exchange, you receive free global high speed transport, with clean energy, for all people Goods and services. Think about if it were free, for someone in New York to walk a couple blocks to to the shuttle, and then get on a high speed solar electric maglev system, and travel to Oregon, for free at high speed. Imagine, if by route across the Bering land bridge, that you could do the same and travel from New York to Moscow, for free...... Now imagine you are a global supplier, and you can use the same transit system, to transport commercial goods, via the same route, across all of Eurasia, stopping to make deliveries in Russia, China, India, etc, all the way to England and Africa..... There are some concerns over reaching some destinations on the globe, separated by vast ocean, but I believe even these could be connected via colossal man made constructional projects that would revolutionize the planets transportation, how we live, and reverse climate change. The delivery of commercial goods in this way, would mean displaced semi truck drivers would be operating a far smaller number of solar electric shuttles, as well as working in the transit system, in order to help unload cargo at destinations in an unbelievable and extraordinary manner. I believe that commercial catch doors, with a system of rollers, should use the power of gravity to ramp cargo off, in each destination, and that, a brief stop, for a few moments is all you would need to, unload and load commercial cargo, and to unload and load passengers for personal travel. A highly efficient ant timed system. A transit system, still viable in the far future, in the year 4000. I believe that it's possible if we put our minds to it, but there will be many challenges along the way. I also believe that people and companies, spend a lot of money on transportation, way more than what converts time-wise to two weekends a year of civil service. The freeing up of these costs, would inject so much disposable income into the global economy, And stimulate growth to levels never seen before in history. I believe that by eliminating transportation overhead for commercial goods and services, that this will reduce the costs of commercial goods and services, and make exports more viable in global markets, and increase global GDP, in all nations of transit service. I'm sure there are a lot of ideas an caveats you may have, How about we discuss them? Thanks......