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Introducing Social Electricity

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Andreas Kamilaris

Nov 24, 2015


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I am writing this message to introduce you to a novel online application, called Social Electricity, developed through the SEOP European project, aiming to tackle the problem of electricity management at home, towards energy savings. Social Electricity ( is an online, social application, which aims to become the most complete tool for personal energy management for occupants of residences. The app offers numerous features to its users. Through the app, one can do the following (among others): 1. Manage his personal electrical consumption 2. Collaborate with other citizens from his city/country or all around Europe (or peers sharing similar home characteristics) 3. Compare his consumption with the one of other users to perceive his energy footprint 4. Participate in competitions 5. See statistics and breakdowns of his consumption to the individual appliances used at his home 6. Play games relating to energy to raise his awareness in an entertaining way 7. Become educated about proper use of energy and minimize his expense in energy consumption. 8. Interact with other users sharing know-how and experiences in the common effort of achieving energy savings There are numerous privacy features that satisfy all concerns of people regarding the sharing of their personal data. Being deployed initially in Cyprus, the app counts more than 2,500 users (in less than 6 months without any promotion yet)! Best, Dr. Andreas Kamilaris Posdoc Researcher University of Cyprus