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Regional and global plans


this is a forum for discussing strategies for creating regional and global climate action plans, as well as finding complimentary proposals (proposals to include in your plan or proposals into which you would like to have your plan included).
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Scaling globally, sustainable systems, how to assign carbon-footprint?1Tom Mallard9 years ago
How does Climate Colab rate? (as an organization)2Laur Hesse Fisher9 years ago
Information in proposals is being deleted4Annalyn Bachmann9 years ago
New 'proposal selection' feature not working2Beatrice Lamche9 years ago
Have a question about regional and global plans?1Annalyn Bachmann9 years ago
Introducing First Review1Annalyn Bachmann9 years ago
Change to the proposal format regional climate action plans1Annalyn Bachmann9 years ago
Regional-Sector Workspaces Closing1Annalyn Bachmann9 years ago
The "Impact" models are showing different outcomes with same inputs.4Michael Hayes9 years ago
Wildlife Management System ?3Raphael Wanjala9 years ago
The 'Search by Contest' is not working4Annalyn Bachmann9 years ago
The 'Show History' function is not working as there is No history content of prior work.2Annalyn Bachmann9 years ago
The national/regional plan platform does not actually have space for describing the author's standalone plan.2Annalyn Bachmann9 years ago
sofc natural gas fuel cells1Tom Willson9 years ago
The use of logic should not be a negative/limiting factor in the judging of proposals!1Michael Hayes9 years ago
Does the following change to the judging rules help address the need for an effective global plan? "IMPORTANT **For example, plans will not be advanced that offer a singular idea that can be applied globally[...]".1Michael Hayes9 years ago
Is this platform crashing???4Annalyn Bachmann9 years ago
Need Messages Deleated2Annalyn Bachmann9 years ago
Introducing Social Electricity1Andreas Kamilaris9 years ago
American Companies and overseas product production1Jojo Barbour8 years ago
A billion dollar prize: $1,000,000,000.00!!!1Greg Robie8 years ago
Modeling Algorithms and Help1Aaron Davis8 years ago
Call for entries: A $1 million prize for the best method to map Indonesian peatlands1Sada Naegelin8 years ago
If a proposal is not only viable but can be implemented immediately, what is the next step?1Kevin Vonmoses8 years ago
Current contest entry date?2Jennifer Perron8 years ago
Supporting vs. public voting2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
kind of puzzled3Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
supporting files2Annalyn Bachmann8 years ago
Does System Dynamics Make Sense?2Thomas Simon8 years ago
Save Energy Save Lives #SDGs #cars #airpollution Stop polluting cities by cars,Use GPS electric capsule Kumar7 years ago
Lethal methane release to the atmosphere2Anuprasad Sg7 years ago
Idaho Climate Summit - First collaborative business conversation on climate change Idaho!2Pia Jensen7 years ago
Almost time!1Pia Jensen7 years ago
A possible way to stop climate change heating up our atmosphere1Mark Slater7 years ago
Looking for Team Members for Clean Energy Supply9Manasse Ntwari7 years ago
Breeding freshwater plants to absorb more C021Martin Palencia7 years ago
Petition against the animal bags2Ismail Abdi6 years ago
Climate Change through the Gender Lens: Focus on Africa1Elizabeth Pollitzer6 years ago
The life in cities over the next century5Chris Dudley5 years ago
Earth Day Logo Design Challenge in Honor of Earth Day1Janil Jean5 years ago
The main reason for #climatechange1Wadï Mami4 years ago
Introducing the Climate Innovators Network1Alex St John4 years ago