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This category is for those looking to team with other community members to create proposals.
TitleRepliesLast CommenterDate
My introduction to changing how we address problems with regards to science and society Why innovation is not moving forward in America1Michael Anderson8 years ago
eco-engineering1Russ George7 years ago
Paving the way for a Climate Solution Driver11Laur Hesse Fisher7 years ago
Electric power sector5Pia Jensen7 years ago
Cultural barriers3Pia Jensen7 years ago
air-powered household energy generation2Yusuf Mallie7 years ago
Contest help, $350 million already committed1Keith Henson7 years ago
How do you join a team for editing / composing a proposal?4Paul Via Franco6 years ago
Brainstorming a civil society topic6Tom Morris6 years ago
Munipalities contributing to the demise of greenhouse effects.2Vishal Bhavsar6 years ago
Push and Go E-Bike renewable electric system1Abuanthony Alim6 years ago
a social eco-nomic model1Tim Guldentops6 years ago
Reverse links2Laur Hesse Fisher6 years ago
Let's engage in more meaningful debates...12Tim Guldentops6 years ago
The simple politics of climate change1William Chandler6 years ago
combination proposals3Hemant Wagh6 years ago
Design for greenhouse collecting potable water1Mathilde Richelet6 years ago
I have found that a proposal of mine has been edited without my knowledge1Michael Hayes6 years ago
International Professors Project Volunteer to Promote and/or Recruit2Kapa Sarjan6 years ago
hydrogen powered thermal mass oven1Angelo Peterson5 years ago
Incentivize growing of climate-suitable crops in Southwestern states1Joshua Brown5 years ago
Sub-national actors project1Andrew Vitvitsky5 years ago
Seeking team members for eco-friendly ferry company2Aaron Davis5 years ago
help?? please???4Neil Lizotte5 years ago
Eco-Cassava1Martin Kailie4 years ago
Climate CoLab is such a Great Place to Build a Project1Martin Kailie4 years ago
Cryogenic Research Collaboration Sought (Crowds & Climate Unconference: Follow-up)1Dimoir Quaw4 years ago
Seeking team menbers on project for mobilizing cities and regions for cliumate action16Holly M. Berkowitz4 years ago
Rethink for Impact - envisioning an online course to enable behavior shift1Ralf Lippold3 years ago
I need suport to be able to use an offer from a potential investor for my proposal1Attila Deutsch3 years ago
to be a member of the club7Annalyn Bachmann3 years ago
Grazing the skills and competence of senior citizens.1Manohar Lal Baharani1 year ago
Injecting sustainability concepts in lifestyle2Manohar Lal Baharani1 year ago
Fight against global warming5Andy Kadir-buxton7 months ago
Reducing Carbon emmission through Aforestation5Andy Kadir-buxton7 months ago
New contest entry posted for climate change4Zacesebaqoo Zacesebaqoo1 month ago