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Case of Light Pollution to Trees/ Plants etc.

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Vineet Kumar

Feb 11, 2018


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Excess by any for things of any,  always cause the destruction to it, here in case we are responsible for same to trees/ plants etc, both at home or in public places as well by having light sources next to it in night,  other than the availability of sunlight in morning as well,  which lead to cause the light pollution to it.  Therefore, It would be good practice to avoid having any light source nearer to trees/ plants etc,  as we are causing the over-fooding (or excess-photosynthesis) to it. 

                                   i. e. Night lightning to trees/ plants etc cause the over photosynthesis to it,  which in turn regards to case of polluting to it. 

Vineet Kumar

Feb 17, 2018


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By the case of light pollution from locally,  other than daylight duration,  i. e.  in night,  not only the trees/ plants etc get over eated (or excess photosynthesised) but the syndromes of particularly may also occur that depend upon the wavelength of light incident to it...