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Are their any economists here?

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Stirling Newberry

Dec 5, 2018


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Do you have a precise of what you are working if it is in this space?

Bill Marston Leed Ap

Jan 10, 2019


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I am not an economist but I urge the pursuit of economics principles rooted in sustainable nature, looking at "circular economy", the Schumacher Center for New Economics <>, "eco-economics" such as the work by Robert Costanza recently of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont, etc.

Lest this seem pie-in-the-sky, consider the progress of a carbon fee and dividend approach to manipulating attributes of human economic behaviors such as competitiveness, profit-seeking, etc. See the rapidly advancing politically-accessible approach by <>.

Some multifaceted resources includes introduction to such things at <>