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Caroline Howe

Caroline Howe


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I work with communities around the world to develop locally-relevant, financially and socially sustainable solutions to environmental challenges, mostly focused on waste management systems. As a grad student at MIT, where I am completing my Master's in City Planning, I work with communities in Nicaragua and India to develop waste-based businesses. Prior to starting at MIT, I worked for UNICEF on youth- and child-led climate adaptation and mitigation; co-founded a solar energy distribution and entrepreneurship training business in India; co-organized an Indian solar car roadtour; and supported the International Youth Climate Movement in organizing youth presence in negotiations at the UN negotiations in Copenhagen. Caroline comes from a small agricultural town in Connecticut, where she fell in love with dragonflies, fresh tomatoes, and nature at large. She loves catching fireflies, hiking, dancing, cooking, and hosting potlucks.


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Building consensus, enabling adaptation: facilitating collective risk managementSep 4, 2013


Caroline Howe joined the Climate CoLab communitySep 4, 2013