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Thomas Reby

Thomas Reby


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Thomas Reby is a global leader in Knowledge Management, with practical experience in large IT-driven organizations such as Dell and eBay. His key focushas been on developing service capability, through process and quality management, vendor integration and IT infrastructure, enabling self-service on web/mobile solutions as well as traditional corporate contact channels.Thomas has 7 years of experience in evolving technology-driven information management into knowledge-centered strategy, with equal focus on people, process and tools. This includes cultural transformation to embrace information sharing, as well as Lean/SixSigma management of corporateintellectual capital, right through to knowledge consumption and ROI.With a diverse employment background spanning across the globe, Thomas enjoys challenging the norms established in the first wave of globalization, seeing opportunities to better put technology in the service of corporations. He currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.


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Open CarPool - Open Source for Efficient CommuteJan 16, 2014


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