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Shane Easter

Shane Easter


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Developing mitigation technologies/ideas that can reduce greenhouse gases in India just as easily as in South Africa, is a critical need in the mitigation community, and Climate CoLab’s international members’ proposals are helping to facilitate much-needed, translatable solutions. I am a fellow because I want to help develop and implement these ideas. I have experience within the climate change research community, and offer a range of expertise from building energy efficiency to the environmental interactions of renewables. From co-founding a lighting retrofit program offsetting 5% of Brown University’s annual carbon footprint, to my current role developing a new building efficiency product for EcoFactor Inc., I have been passionately working to develop building efficiency for several years and in a variety of contexts and look forward to working with the CoLab's global-oriented and highly innovative community.


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Shane Easter joined the Climate CoLab communityFeb 19, 2014