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Pieter Hoff

Pieter Hoff


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Pieter Hoff is founder of Groasis and the inventor of the Groasis Technology.

The Groasis Technology (GT) is an integrated planting technology to plant in dry, eroded, desert and rocky areas. It is not a way of irrigation. When planting with the Groasis Technology, during the first year water savings are more than 90% when compared to any other planting method. From the second year onwards no water is added as irrigation is not needed, and savings are 100%.

The Groasis Technology is a biomimicry technology and consists of: 

  1. improving the soil with Groasis Growmaxx compost and mycorrhizae
  2. mapping the area through 3D imaging to define ideal planting lines
  3. harvesting over 90% of the rainfall with the help of Groasis Mini-terracedixx
  4. leaving the capillary structure intact and making the correct planting hole with the Groasis Capillary drill
  5. using plants with the right primary roots which are not twisted, but extend vertically downwards
  6. using the Groasis Waterboxx
  7. using the Growsafe Telescoprotexx plant protector against heat in the summer, from frost during the winter and from grazing by animals


The Groasis Technology is a copy of how Mother Nature plants. The survival rate is on average in excess of 90%, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. Other planting methods limit planting to take place only in certain in seasons. The Groasis Technology enables one to plant during 12 months per year, independent from the season and no matter the temperature. This allows a planter to plan and industrialize the planting process. If the Groasis multiple capillary drill is used, previously unimaginable big areas can be planted each day.


Solve food/climate problem with Groasis Technology plant 2 B ha manmade desertsJul 6, 2014

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