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Maggie Hanna

Maggie Hanna


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Innovation and Technology Scout with an emphasis on Sustainability, post-fossil fuel energy systems. Favourite saying, "What if....?"  Often called the  "Future Girl", for ability to extrapolate current technology under development into the coming energy systems, and help them connect with the right people who can speed up their arrival in the present. Spherical Thinker, brainstorming is pure pleasure, a fan of DeBono's 6 thinking hats process. Stand for the integration of science and spirit. Explorer of almost anything, highly curious, no such thing as a stupid question. Operate in a blame and shame free zone especially with regard to legacy infrastructure decisions made by humanity in the past... like oil and gas and coal production ... recognizing the contexts of the time those decisions were made.

Specific knowledgeable about oil and gas industry, geology, exploration, mining, oil sands processes, hydrogen, fuel cells, thorium reactors, grid systems, battery systems, the biosphere, waste, water, oil spill tech, GHG effects etc. Broad and wide ranging knowledge of  "sciencey stuff"

Wish to lend my gifts, talents, and skills and connections to progress forward thinking projects that make good environmental and economic sense, and have alot of fun doing it!


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Maggie Hanna joined the Climate CoLab communityMay 20, 2016