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Jim Walker

Jim Walker


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 Mr. Walker is Ameresco’s Vice President of Solar Grid-Tie Projects, responsible for Ameresco's solar photovoltaic grid-tie business. Mr. Walker works with our customers to structure Power Purchase Agreements and land lease agreements that provide the best customer value. Mr. Walker also meets with tax assessors, Board of Alderman, Board of Selectmen, siting council members, town and city managers, and town finance committee members to find mutually beneficial agreements to site and build solar PV projects. Mr. Walker is also responsible for meeting with legislators and regulators to educate policy makers on the benefits of solar PV. 

Mr. Walker brings 40 years of diverse energy experience in the power and natural gas industry, which included a focus on energy conservation engineering early in his career, then natural gas and power supply trading and delivery during the deregulation period, then technology business development and strategic energy market analysis to energy companies, and currently solar PV business growth and management. 


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