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Erik Duhaime

Jan 8, 2013


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Hi Wilma, I think the "Many Roads" approach offers an important insight and I look forward learning more about it. Do you think you could adapt some of the information from the sources you suggested for the contest template? Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like some help with this! Best, Erik

Sean Penrith

Feb 4, 2013


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Hi Wilma, I did review the PDF presentation on your Weebly site, thanks for the link. Just so I am following, is the idea that this framework would essentially be an "open source" standard for new and existing homes? Thanks! Sean

2013buildingefficiencyjudges 2013buildingefficiencyjudges

Jul 9, 2013


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Dear Wilma, Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, we have not selected your proposal as a finalist. The primary reason for this was that you did not adapt any of the information from your web site to the proposal template. We did, however, find your site interesting and we hope that your organization will continue to be engaged with the CoLab.