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Yannick Trottier

May 16, 2013


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Paper insulation would be flammable and would provide much less insulation than modern materials like spray-on urethane. The reduced insulation value would vastly increase the greenhouse gas emissions from heating systems, which are already responsible for 20-40% of the problem.

Jan Kunnas

May 24, 2013


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There is already a solution for both problems mentioned. "Cellulose insulation is often made by hammer milling waste newspaper. The newspaper is treated with chemicals, such as boric acid, to retard the spread of fire."

2013buildingefficiencyjudges 2013buildingefficiencyjudges

Jul 9, 2013


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Dear adonnelly, Thank you for your submission. We thought that your proposal was interesting and creative, but we have not selected it to be a finalist. The primary reason for this is that similar ideas already exist and that the actions, costs, and actors of your specific proposal were not fully fleshed out. However, we hope that you will remain engaged in the CoLab in the future and encourage you to more fully develop your idea in a future contest.