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I think by extracting electrical neutral and ground energy and burning it off like gasoline in the soil would be worth considering.



 It would be a system that could be put in place to absorb and burn of electrical current put into the earths surface. We generate power and all of our generated energy is drained into the earths core. I'm not sure how it would be built, but it could have an effect on the climate change.

Category of the action

Communicating Coastal Risk and Resiliency

What actions do you propose?

 Just the research alone along with the possibility of read etch and devolopment could be worth while.

Who will take these actions?

I'm not sure

What are other key benefits?

Possible unused energy with the potential for energy storage.

What are the proposal’s costs?

I'm not sure

Time line

After research and development there could be potential work for people.

Related proposals

I'm not sure maybe like gasoline in the soil.


I have zero.