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Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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General notice to Geoengineering proposal authors: After much consideration, the Judges have decided that the submitted proposals did not address the contest prompt sufficiently enough to warrant awarding Finalists or Winners. However, the entries did present interesting ideas, and so a number of proposals have been selected to re-open and edit their proposals during the revision period to continue to refine their work with the Judges’ feedback, as well as vie for an Honorable Mention award. The recipient will be invited to showcase their work at the Climate CoLab conference. John Virgoe: I'm not sure this is about geoengineering governance exactly. It's about identifying/assessing technologies. The proposal provides no evidence that the use of geoengineering on exoplanets can be detected (or distinguished from natural phenomena) or that useful conclusions could be drawn. Ted Parson: It's a very interesting and provocative proposal, but is not responsive to the question of identifying ideas for effective governance of CE. Anita and Ben: We appreciate the novelty of the idea, even if it wasn't precisely on topic. As we move forward we would love to hear some more detail on how exoplanet research could be used to draw valid insights into the earth's climate system. We aren't convinced that the research being conducting on exoplanets is translatable to combating climate change on earth, but we all want to hear more. Your current proposal is bare bone and we would love to learn more about how the potential value of this line of inquiry.

Michael Hayes

Aug 6, 2014


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Observing "Exoplanet Geoengineering"????? I do appreciate the humor yet fail to see the 'real world' applicability to the issue of geoengineering governance....of this planet. I believe the selection of that particular concept is a clear indication of just how far we need to go before we, as a species and as concerned individuals, can achieve reasonable and rational control of our effort to solve the global warming issue....on this planet. A few final thoughts, 1)If such a hypothetical exoplanetary species were successful at geoengineering their planet against fossil fuel use, how would we know??? 2) What would be the detectable difference between a 'successfully geoengineered' world and one that is 'Natural' or 'Un-successfully geoengineered'??? On the issue of geoengineering governance....of this planet, this other worldly proposal should be an embarrassment. However, we should not rule out the possibility that exo-species may have a markedly different opinion. Thanks for the chuckle! Best regards, Michael
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