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Tomas Brage

Jul 20, 2014


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Hi Jkoeppel! Thank you very much for your proposal! It would be great if you could manage to complete your proposal before the deadline today! :) Try to complete all the chapters. The first thing that jumps to my mind about your proposal is that it would be interesting to know more about what are the advantages for the members as individual entities apart from the clear positive community gain. Like more resilient infrastructure leading to reliable energy supply and communications, meaning more robust economic activity, enhanced competitiveness,etc. Ownership meaning greater independence from fluctuations in the energy market etc. Apart from that, a more thorough breakdown of the scheme would make a big difference. Thanks again and good luck!

Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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"Simply not enough information provided to really judge effectively." "The proposal is incomplete, with many section missing, including any kind of action plan."