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Anastasia Kouki

Oct 17, 2017


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Hello, first of all, I really liked the idea, its context reminds me relevantly projects from not only NGOs but also from companies too.  Though, while I was reading the proposal some questions came to my mind, and more specifically: 1) what will be the cost of the cards, in order for the whole project to succeed I estimated it must be quite a lot, like 30-50 USD, in order for NGO to function, to deliver with cards, to plant the trees, to pay employees, etc. 2) How you can ensure buyers of your cards, have you make a marketing assessment with positive results, I mean you really think that there is a market for that, 3) to have experience of running a successful NGO, it might not be a profit organization, but still there are financial and tax requirements. Despite these concerns, I believe it is a good idea and I hope your cards make the people that will receive them to smile and the lands that will receive the new trees more sustainable and resilient. 

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