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Energy Supply 2014

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Mar 9, 2014 08:00 EDT - Jul 20, 2014 11:59 EDT
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Oct 2, 2014 12:01 EDT
How can GHG emissions from the electricity sector be minimized?

Fossil fuels constitute the largest share of the world’s total primary energy supply today. Fossil fuels are also the most consumed fuel type for electricity generation worldwide. As a result of this, the electricity generation sector is the world’s single largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Globally, policy efforts are being made to increase and improve access to electricity supply. Given the electricity generation sector’s reliance on fossil fuels, this increase has also led to significant GHG emissions growth. Attention is now focused on the need to take action to minimize emission from electricity generation, while still enabling the sector’s growth. Click here for contest details

35 Proposals
Pay people to use less electricity at key moments when their energy is coming from the grid's most carbon-intensive power plants.
Bring cities to energy independence through carbon, energy and cost neutrality.
A wind turbine that is free from intermittent fluctuations due to changing wind speeds while still extracting maximum power.
Crowdfund up-front capital expenses for solar installations at qualified sites
Power generation & industry is likely to continue to need fossil/bio-fuels for decades. HCCAS converts the CO2 to O2 AND makes food/biofuel.
Offshore floating nuclear power plant concept achieves unprecedented levels of safety and economics, enabling massive nuclear energy growth
I propose to mobilize communities using social campaigns that emphasize accountability, feedback, and infrastructure.
Lightning generates a great amount of heat and therefore pressure as it passes throught the atmosphere. We propose to capture this energy.
The Intergovermental Marine Bioenergy with Carbon Sequestration (IMBECS) Protocol Addresses Multiple GHG Issues via Carbon Negative Fuels.
Multiply prizes for breakthrough technologies by betting against them.
Nature can provide the means to help heal itself and cause man to become more compatible with it by intelligent actions.
GHG emissions are in the form of CO2 resulting from fossil fuel combustion, energy policies reduce fossil fuel use will reduce GHG emission.
Design Desk Inc. ( has designed systems that can replace fossil fuels for transportation and Utility power production.
Everything you see in here today has been created with fossil fuels. Yet the greatest form of energy goes Over Looked. It is Kinetic Energy.
Thermal energy & kinetic energy conversion of the Gulfstream to lower Co2 GHG emissions anywhere between 300ppm/350 ppm in 20 years.
Use condenser & plant cooling water to run a heat engine like those that run a ocean thermal energy conversion OTEC rankine cycle engine
Use exhaust heat from internal combustion engine exhaust system to run a closed cycle Rankine Heat engine to make electrical power.
Use stack gas temperature to run a Rankine Heat Engine to produce electrical power and reduce GHG's.
Use heat from solar cells to make electricity making the solar cell produce more watts per square foot.
Install large turbines above stacks of fossil fuel plants to rotate for power prodution using the velocity of exit gases & heat energy
Massive windfarms are built off each coast, shares are sold to power companies, credits given to retiring comparative coal production.
Real-time big mobility data (location, keywords, ...) can be used to predict short-term demand for energy, greatly improving efficiency.
Developing modular, small, chimney-free biowaste power plants for electricity/heat/cold, based on an unique, patented gas-cleaning method.
Solar ten times cheaper than oil, also cheaper than methane gas, cheaper than coal.
use current technology to rapidly reduce use of fossil fuels.We have viable means to reduce GHG from power plants now; lets use it.
Generate electricity from stopping vehicles at traffic lights and stop signs
If your car has a magnet under it and it passes over another magnet you get energy, simply put. There's many creative ways to implement this
I invented an efficient Multiplying Mechanical device. Modifying Nicklos Tesla's Quantum Energy Generator, making it Sustainable.
Wind turbines on mobile "islands" can travel to wherever the wind blows and won't be an eyesore 24/7.
If Banks are to big to FAIL, are Fossil Fuels Co. to BAD to BAIL? Let us adjust the Financial Markets instead, deflate the Carbon Bubble.
Let’s ease off the grid—and the gas pump—using textbook-sized lithium battery packs with smart sensing, IOT and collaboration capabilities.
Oracle 2013 America's Cup boat was powered by a wingsail. I propose land based wingsails covered with flexible solar panels.
There is absence of pneumatics used for electricity generation. Our system displayed at