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Public Attitudes and Behaviors Workspace 2021

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May 24, 2016 05:00 EDT - Aug 12, 2021 11:00 EDT
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Aug 12, 2021 11:00 EDT
What can be done to shift the public's perception of climate change and inspire action?

You are invited to submit your proposal here for Public Attitudes and Behaviors outside of the contest period. Try out new ideas, share your work, connect with other members and recruit collaborators, and invite a global community to review and help develop your proposal. When new rounds of Climate CoLab contests begin, you will be able to move your proposal(s) to the relevant contest. To see previous Climate CoLab contests, see the Climate CoLab contest outline view.

40 Proposals
Interactive Indo-German ICT platform for promoting learning, service exchange & research for waste management & recycling in urban cities
Implementations of climate change adaption and mitigation strategies should aware and mobilize society and citizen, inspire innovations etc.
Correcting an issue in Christian science square one which has adversely affected all recorded scientific theorems to date.
The bot will track your environmental impact, offer suggestions for improvement, set goals, and provide rewards to users and communities.
Collaborating NGOs with Educational Institutes, Govt. & social welfare schemes to minimize and treat plastic waste through processing plants
Sigh, another day, another essay, and another forthcoming defeat.
The debate of whether uniforms should be compulsory or not has persisted for a long time and has sparked up a division between the experts.
Visual effects, animations and video games are everywhere. Why not use them in education, public engagement to tell real stories?
I've always been the most inspired by people's words and hoped this speech might inspire one or two people, as well.
The current goal of the alliance is net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 in accordance with the Paris Agreement. Too little too late?
Teach climate science to grade schoolers. By the time people reach adulthood (or near) its too late.
Click.. surely someone will love you just for your smile.
If people understand the negative impacts that climate change has on their health, they'll probably care about sustainable development more.
A global fund to tackle problems of world hunger, climate change, child mortality, existential extinction events, other unknown threats
This proposal provides a solution to allow humanity to make decisions based on enhancing sustainability as opposed to monetary gain
All leaders influence the people around them in one way or the other. To be more accurate,
It is the understanding and learning that you have your own reality and how you see yourself in connection
Climate change seems like a distant, even fictitious, construct. Far from it, it is endangering your well-being in measurable ways.
One of the biggest challenges of college life is living in a dorm room. You 'll meet some amazing & some strange people exciting experiences
The climate crisis is not just a worldly or economic problem. It is a moral problem that is tainting millions of souls.
What if iSKA, a friendly interactive communicator bot, can facilitate lifestyle behavior changes & help cut our individual carbon footprint?
Increase global awareness and switch people mindset to action by creating a new dedicated Nobel Prize for Actions Against Climate Change
Get the best dissertation writing help online from PhD writers to complete dissertation projects on time.
Businesses trading ad space in media in exchange for sponsorship of environmental issues. A bit like the GREEN designation is construction.
Nowadays education is not just limited to studying and taking exams.
Top 5 Reasons Why Article Writing Is Significant
Skills are your way to be successful in life and all its aspects. Degrees are now not given as much importance as skills are given.
A large scale civic center & city to serve the global community as a blueprint for sustainable cities and a gathering point for the planet
A global convention by which every country cuts their military budget by 10% and applies the funds to reducing CO2
Address future voting by upgrading high school education include Geology - basics of Climate Data, Anthropocene.
Every high school student in Argentina should participate at least once in the World Climate Exercise adapted for 12- 17 year old kids.
The fact that dwarfism is built into every mammal, if the situation became dire, we could turn on the dwarfism gene for one generation.
Camping is fun. Make living experiments for humans to live as low tech as possible.
People love to learn. Give gardening lessons from govt and in offices and neighborhoods to get people started going back to nature.
Label how much co2 is emitted by common products, services and emitters and add a tax to cover the reforestation or carbon capture costs
Like myspace for music or LinkedIn for work, I want a lifestyle social media platform for environmental activism and personal green living.
1. reduce emphasis and importance of money and economy. 2. integrate nature into economy and money calculus.
Follow around big oil and Greenpeace and politicians and get to the inner workings of the climate machine and its problems and solutions.
So much so that you sometimes forget to prepare for your departure and all the necessary things they need to do before heading out!